New Doctor Who Promo Trailer for Series 31 with Matt Smith

Administrator - Posted on 20 February 2010

The new trailer promo for the first series of the 11th Doctor starring Matt Smith, series 31, has been released and it continues with the "spin cycle of doom" theme we saw with the publicity image released earlier this week. They do announce "Easter" as the start of the new series at the end of the promo. No, you don't need special glasses to see this, this version is not in 3D.

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The new trailer here (above) although we are seeing it in 2D, was created for a 3D presentation and is obviously capitalizing on it by throwing everything at us which is typical gimmicky for 3D presentations (especially of those 3D movies of the past).

I perfer the original trailer for this series that was released six or seven weeks ago, post "The End of Time"

But for 'having fun with 3D' - this is fine. I would have liked a more traditional 2D promo trailer myself.


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The trailer above is available on both the BBC and BBC America websites. The key difference is that while the UK version has "Easter 2010" on it the US version has "coming this spring".


here is the link to the BBC's website:

New Trailer for the New Doctor!


and the BBC America site:

New Doctor Who Teaser: Coming Spring 2010




PS: I would not be able to enjoy the 3D version of the trailer. I have a vision problem that makes it impossible to see these type of 3D effects. I have yet to see any 3D movie (or commercial , calendar or anything else) as 3D.

3D or not, as a trainer that just looked terrible.

Keeping in mind that it's made for 3D and filmed entirely as a promo trailer, it's pretty epic. If they keep releasing trailers I might explode with anticipation.

I just pray the ABC downunder shells out big money to fast track the series.

Well I must say that was awful. As  a trailer it told us nothing hat we didn't alread know, was stolen from TIME TUNNEL and looked like more of the same. Amy looks like a terrible companion. The monster at the end looked more than cheap....what was it? It looked like the Mara or maybe worse, one of those fake looking alien heads from TIMELASH. This would not make me want to watch the show at all. In fact... 

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WOW! Do you even like Doctor Who? Cus i cant tell! How would YOU do this trailer, and how would YOU write the show. You should present your resume' forthwith to the BBC, since they oviously missed you when they were searching for a producer. How can someone base an entire opinion on how good or bad a show is by this trailer. Complaing about amy pond based on this is crazy. She had two lines, and based on her reading of them did adequately. what is your problem with her, oh i forgot you hate Doctor Who. Give some legitimate points for once! better yet! i ask you again to come on my show and give these valid points! its Formerly CIA:Cultdom In Audio, and my contact info is here. ive thrown the gauntlet down, sir!  i want to know why, if you hate the show so much, you have to come on these forums, and ruin everyone's nice time. if your just trying to be controversial, there is, im sure a twilight forum somewhere that needs bashing! i know you are entitled to your opinions, and that is always welcome, but these types of caustic, unproductive critisisms are why fandom is made fun of. so come on the show, ill accept you as a guest any time, and you will not be bashed, we will have a grown up conversation. except i feel like im gonna be blasted here instead for stating MY opinion, which, if you ask around, is usually fair. its never unkind for the sake of trying to appear knolwedgeable.


West R. Hubbard



Be Seeing You

I think this is the first time footage has been shot specifically for a trailer in the whole of Who History!

But why in 3D? Domestic TVs can't show this yet...must be for cinemas?

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The 3D version of the trailer is slated to come out with the release of the movie "Alice in Wonderland" - itself released as a 3D movie.I don't know if it will be on the US release of the movie or not.

The version just released on TV and web is just a regular 2D version.

It was innovative and exciting, exactly the type of trailer that might make casual viewers tune in. We, the fans, will watch Series 5 regardless.

Plus, do we really need a 2nd trailer full of actual footage? I've seen and read enough spoilers as it is.

Just because I don';t like every bit of trash loaded onto DW fans by DW production company doesn't mean  I don't like DW.

IT was not the first stuff shot for the promos: the much better Chris E trailers and the third season trailers  (Martha talking about what she wants and all that) and the second season trailers of Rose and the Doc on an ice planet. Those and the DOnna talking trailer were ALL great, better than these two pieces of garbage we got for season five.

Mind you I like more than I hate about DW's new comeback as I keep saying but people just don't get it or listen or understand the facts: fact is I like more than I hate. Butlet's face it, DW is variable now, there's so much of it now and almost all of it is the same. And I hope TORCHWOOD is gone for good.    



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The BBC's press office has an article about the premiere for the new series. In the UK it depends on where you are and when the tour comes to your area - if you are in one of five areas.

The areas selected for the premieres are





and Northampton


Each place will have a premiere of "The Eleventh Hour".


For the full story you find it here:

The Eleventh Doctor Embarks on his Maiden Voyage...


Too bad I'm not in the UK - sounds like fun!

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