Doctor Who: Podshock - Aftershock 20090813

Administrator - Posted on 13 August 2009

Doctor Who: Podshock
Running Time: 0:19:55

Join us for our next SL meet up, The War Games recap, 4th anniversary for the podcast, new podcast swag. Doctor Who: Podshock 159 is coming soon!

Hosted by Louis Trapani, with Eric Escamilla (AKA Bullitt33).

Brought to you by the Gallifreyan Embassy and is an Art Trap Production.

Please note, this Aftershock episode is only available as a plain MP3 file.

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Doctor Who: Podshock is an international Doctor Who podcast premiered in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

Hey folks :)


New video explaining avatar changing and a few changes to the sim at ...


Bullitt33's picture

Great video Victor1st!  You make everything in SL look so easy. Wink I'm so sorry I walked right into your recording. I had no idea you were in the middle of something at the time.

Bullitt33's picture

I hate to pull back the Wizard's curtain even a little, but Louis, it isn't even apparent at all how inpromtu & hastily arranged this Aftershock recording was.  How you do what you do with all your polishing & buffing I will never know. You can't even tell that I was running around like a chicken with no head during recording - It's quite phenominal really from an insider's point-of-view, i.e. me.

This is probably a ridiculous analogy, but it's probably akin to what it felt like being an actor involved with Star Wars Episode I: TPM.  With all the green screen & post CGI effects you really had no idea how the finished product would turn out until premeire night.
</ridiculous analogy>


Bravo Sir, Bravo!

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Eric. I guess that is the thing about good audio editing, when it is done well, you don't notice it. Sort of like make up. I of course know it is not perfect, I know all the errors and where it could be had been done better, but with the short amount of time on my hands to get it out, I do the best I can under the circumstances.



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