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BBC - Doctor Who

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All the latest news and features from the world of Doctor Who.
Updated: 1 hour 13 min ago

Rebecca Front to Guest Star in Doctor Who

Thu, 06/04/2015 - 10:14am

The BAFTA award-winning Rebecca Front joins the guest cast of the new series of Doctor Who.

Rebecca will guest in an adventure that sees the return of the Zygons, although her role in the show is currently closely guarded – possibly by UNIT who also appear in the action-packed two-parter!

Rebecca is well-known for regular roles in The Thick of It, Inspector Lewis and more recently, the BBC Four sitcom, Up the Women. In the BBC’s Death Comes to Pemberley she took the role of Mrs Bennet, mother of Lydia Wickham, played by Jenna Coleman.

It’s Rebecca’s first appearance in Doctor Who and she’ll be seen alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman who return later this year as the Doctor and Clara. She’s also joining Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) and Jemma Redgrave (Kate) who return in the two-parter written by Peter Harness.

Other members of the guest cast for series 9 include Maisie Williams, Michelle Gomez, Rufus Hound, Paul Kaye and Jaye Griffiths.

The BBC Cymru Wales produced drama will return to BBC One this Autumn with further casting to be announced in due course.

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BBC Worldwide announces Official Doctor Who Festival for 2015

Thu, 06/04/2015 - 4:32am

BBC Worldwide has announced details of the official Doctor Who Festival which will take place at ExCeL, London, on the 13th, 14th and 15th November 2015. It will be attended by Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) along with series show runner Steven Moffat and it will offer fans an exclusive glimpse into how the world of Doctor Who is created.

Peter Capaldi commented, ‘If having the world’s favourite Time Lord back on screen every week isn't enough for you (and it’s not for me) then The Doctor Who Festival in London is the place to be. I'll be heading there in November to join the fun and if it’s anything like the 50th anniversary event, then prepare yourself for total Time Lord mania.’

Visitors to the Festival will be able to explore an exciting array of backstage areas including theatre shows involving key talent, Interactive Workshops and ‘the ultimate Doctor Who shopping village’ offering photo opportunities and a vast range of merchandise.

Steven Moffat commented, ‘I can’t believe we’re going to give away our secrets! This is the closest you could possibly get to finding out what happens on set and how this magical show is put together.’

The Festival announcement comes in a week which has already revealed the Doctor will be moving into new Dimensions and we’ll have more news for you very soon!

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There’s a new Doctor Who game on the blocks…

Tue, 06/02/2015 - 6:48am

We’re delighted to confirm there’ll be even more ways to enjoy the world of Doctor Who very soon! That’s because iconic elements from the Doctor’s universe will be included in LEGO Dimensions, the upcoming entertainment experience that merges physical brick building with interactive console gameplay.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara, all set for their greatest adventures yet in an epic series that also features Michelle Gomez as Missy and Games of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams. But the fact the TARDIS is currently off our screens hasn’t meant the world of Doctor Who has slowed down…

This latest announcement comes shortly after the show began broadcasting in India for the first time ever and of course, the Doctor Who Fan Show launched in May with Christel Dee presenting the fast, fun, weekly round-up. The Time Lord’s latest decade of heroics has also been celebrated in New York recently and last week we revealed that there’ll be a major Doctor Who panel at this July’s Comic-Con with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin all appearing at the San Diego event.

We’ll have more big news for you soon, both about the ongoing production of the new series and the broader world of Doctor Who!

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12 of the Twelfth Doctor’s Greatest Moments

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 8:35am

As filming continues on the new series we look back on 12 of the Twelfth Doctor’s greatest moments so far. Drumroll, please… In no particular order, here’s our Doctorish dozen!

Monster hero…

The first individual the Twelfth Doctor tried to help was actually a dinosaur, putting his life in jeopardy to defend a vulnerable creature that found herself a long way from home. If that doesn’t define ‘hero’ they must have changed the meaning of the word when we weren’t looking.

Are you my mummy?

In terms of being a hero, the Twelfth Doctor really stepped up to the plate in Mummy on the Orient Express, taking the place of the Foretold’s next intended victim. He put his life on the line, saved the day and even had time for a mummy gag that we’d not heard for (band)ages.

Over the spoon!

Any old hero could defend himself from Robin Hood using a sword… Where’s the fun in that? Only the world’s greatest hero would use a spoon!

A Key Scene…

The Doctor is plummeting to Earth. Chances of survival falling as fast as he is. Missy and Sebastian look on in disbelief as he tugs his TARDIS key from an inside pocket and begins diving towards the little blue box… Sebastian asks for permission to squee so Missy shoots him. Harsh! We’d have said, ‘Go ahead!’ and probably joined in…

It’s all in the eyes…

We got a sneak peek of the Twelfth Doctor in the 50th anniversary special and the internet folded into itself in sheer delight. Quite right, too.

Doctor, Doctor…

We love the Doctor’s banter with Clara and this line from The Caretaker is one of our faves.


The scene in Flatline where the Doctor tears from the TARDIS and banishes the Boneless is an absolute belter and if you’re not cheering when he declares, ‘I am the Doctor!’, well, check you’ve still got a pulse!

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What’s so great about this sequence from Into the Dalek? The Doctor/Clara banter? The Time Lord asking Morgan, ‘Are you the same one as before?’ (and the look on the soldier’s face as he replies) or the way the Doctor simply gives an unfazed ‘Hello, again,’ to the Dalek? Take your pick and enjoy the scene…

‘Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?’

The moment in Dark Water where the Doctor declared he would go ‘to hell’ for Clara confirmed what we always knew. Beneath that prickly exterior there beats hearts of gold.

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The Eleventh Doctor regenerates and boom! Hello, Twelfth Doctor! He had us at ‘Kidneys’.

Bank on it!

We love the scene from Time Heist where the ‘Doctor’s Four’ enters the Bank of Karabraxos because the Doctor just looked so cool. Slo-mo, stylish outfit and awareness that as usual, he was strolling into Big Trouble? Check, check, check.

The Next Moment… You must enable javascript to play content require(['smp'], function(SMP) { new SMP({"container":"#smp-14358528112183","pid":"p02kyw5d","playerSettings":{"delayEmbed":true,"externalEmbedUrl":"http:\/\/\/programmes\/p02kyw5d\/player"}}); });

Okay, it’s a bit of a cheat but one of our fave moments is always the next one. The one we haven’t seen yet. When the Doctor returns later this year he’s set for a rematch with Missy in a two-part adventure written by Steven Moffat, filmed in part in Tenerife… You don’t need to be a time traveller to know it’ll contain a few more moments we should be adding to this list!

So, that wraps up our ‘12 of the Twelfth Doctor’s Greatest Moments’. Which of your fave moments from the last series did we miss out? Tweet us at @bbcdoctorwho to let us know!

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Peter Capaldi to make his First Comic-Con Appearance in Doctor Who Panel

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 6:26am

Doctor Who returns to San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 9. Following his record-breaking debut season as the Doctor, Peter Capaldi will make his first ever appearance at the event with Jenna Coleman (Clara), Michelle Gomez (Missy), lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin.

Peter Capaldi commented, ‘Tales of San Diego Comic-Con are told in awe on every set around the known fantasy/sci-fi production world. It's become a fabled kingdom. One I am thrilled to find myself heading for. And to appear in the legendary Hall H is a further twist to the cosplay and comic madness I may never recover from.’

The new season of Doctor Who premieres later this year, opening with a two-part adventure, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, written by Steven Moffat, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Hettie Macdonald (Blink - the Hugo Award-winning episode that introduced the Weeping Angels). The adventure will, of course, see the return of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as the Doctor and Clara but it will also see Michelle Gomez back as the evil Missy… 

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10 Things We Love About Captain Jack!

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 5:39am

It’s ten years since he first appeared, so what better time to select ten things we loved about Captain Jack Harkness?

1. Bottoms Up!

His fab first scene where we saw him admiring not one but two derrieres… Rose and Algy both got the ‘excellent bottom’ accolade!

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14355828098938'), url : '' }); }); 2. Captain Cheeky

When it came to risqué one-liners Jack Harkness made Keith Lemon look like an amateur. Carry On, Captain!

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14355828098941'), url : '' }); }); 3. Loved the Doctor!

We could really identify with Jack because he bloody loved the Doctor and yep, we do, too.

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14355828098944'), url : '' }); }); 4. He was fun!

Jack couldn’t have been any more puppyish if he’d grown a tail and started wearing a lead (which frankly, we wouldn’t put past him) and that sense of enthusiasm was majorly fun and infectious.

5. Looking good!

The Doctor once commented that external appearances weren’t important… but it’s nice to get them right! And Jack, it must be said, was a master of getting them absolutely right!

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14355828098953'), url : '' }); }); 6. Nought to Flirty in 2 Seconds Flat…

We love the way Jack would try it on with anyone, regardless of gender or species type. He could make a simple ‘hello’ sound like it should have gone out post-watershed.

7. He was a man of mystery…

We’ve all lost a couple of hours thanks to tequila but only Jack has lost a couple of years due to the Time Agency… Intriguing!

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14355828098962'), url : '' }); }); 8. Elementary, my dear Holmes…

Jack was wearing a cool, long coat before other heroes nicked the idea (cough *Sherlock* cough), and was the only man who could wear a Bluetooth earpiece without looking like he worked on the desk next to Neville in The Call Centre.

9. Face of… Whoa!

We can’t say for certain but in one ep, didn’t Jack let on that he would become the Face of Boe?

10. He was fearless!

He’d cling onto the TARDIS as it zipped through the time/space vortex, take on Daleks single-handedly and once wore a waistcoat/white t-shirt combo. That’s what we call brave!

That’s our top ten things about Captain Jack. What do you think? Did we get it right? Miss anything off? Let us know by tweeting us at @bbcdoctorwho.

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This week on Who… Fan Moments and the Impossible Girl!

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 8:06am

Check out Doctor Who's social media highlights - the best of this week's news and photos from our Twitter and Instagram accounts!

As Doctor Who launches in India, we asked for your favourite fan moments…

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require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14353128053004'), url : '' }); }); Celebrating 10 years of action and adventure!

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14353128053009'), url : '' }); }); Take a trip behind the scenes with the props team

require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14353128053014'), url : '' }); }); Looking back on the secret of the Impossible Girl

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require(['jquery-1.9', 'third-party'], function($, ThirdParty) { var embed = new ThirdParty({ container : $('#third-party-14353128053021'), url : '' }); });

You can keep up with the latest news by following the official Doctor Who Twitter account, and go behind the scenes with the official access-all-areas Doctor Who Instagram account.

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BAFTA Celebrates 10 years of Doctor Who with New York Event

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 9:39am

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Wales, BAFTA Cymru, has today announced a special Doctor Who screening event in New York, USA, on Thursday 14 May to celebrate 10 years since Doctor Who was revived and went into production at BBC Wales.

The event, hosted in partnership with BAFTA New York, Cardiff Business Council and BBC America, will offer 220 industry guests a big-screen showing of recent episode Listen, starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with showrunner and writer Steven Moffat.
Hannah Raybould, Director of BAFTA Cymru, said: “We are very excited to be co-hosting this celebratory event in New York, which will be an opportunity to showcase the talent, skills, locations and innovation of the Welsh creative industries talent working on the Doctor Who series in Wales.

“With millions of fans around the world, and significant viewing figures in the US on BBC America, we felt the 10 year anniversary was a great occasion to toast the team behind the franchise, and offer US industry practitioners an insight into the way the series has developed, as well as an overview of the creative industries sector in Wales.”

Charles Tremayne, Chairman BAFTA New York, said: "Doctor Who is such an iconic part of British television culture that it’s always a privilege to celebrate its enduring success here in New York. The last 10 years since the re-launch in Cardiff have been among the most memorable of its many years on air. Apart from some great backstage stories, it will be great to hear from Steven how they keep Doctor Who so fresh and part of the zeitgeist around the world."

Steven Moffat said: “I loved Doctor Who on screen, long before I ever worked on it, just as I loved New York in the movies long before I ever got to go there. It will be a pleasure to combine both fantasies.”

Doctor Who is a significant part of British popular culture, and elsewhere it has become a cult television favourite. The show has influenced generations of British television professionals, many of whom grew up watching the series. The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989 and was re-launched by BBC Wales in 2005 with Russell T Davies as showrunner and head writer for the first five years of its revival, alongside Julie Gardner as BBC Wales Head of Drama at that time. The first series of the 21st century, featuring Christopher Eccleston in the lead role, was filmed in and around Cardiff, with the South Wales area doubling for a number of other locations including London.

Doctor Who also spawned spin-offs in multiple media, including Torchwood (2006–11) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007–11), both created by Russell T Davies; K-9 (2009–10); and a single pilot episode of K-9 and Company (1981). The series is widely recognised as a key catalyst for the boom in drama made in Wales.

The event, which will take place in New York, USA, on 14 May, will be one of 60 events BAFTA Cymru will be hosting in 2015 as part of its year-round programme of screenings and learning events.

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Hello, India!

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 7:06am

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Doctor Who will be broadcast in India for the first time later this week when Rose is shown on Friday. The Ninth Doctor’s first adventure will be followed by one episode per day, stretching up to and including the Twelfth Doctor’s era.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) sends a short message to the brand new audience (above) and we’ll be reaching out to them, as well…

We’re letting India know about the drama, action, humour, excitement and exhilaration that they have to look forward to and we need your help! We’d love you to share your favourite moments from the last ten years of the Doctor’s adventures!

Simply tweet us your fave moments from Rose onwards at @bbcdoctorwho… It can be anything to do with monsters, companions, the TARDIS or the universe’s greatest hero himself: the Doctor!

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