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'The Woman Who Lived' Roundup

TARDIS Newsroom - Sun, 10/25/2015 - 5:19am

'The Woman Who Lived' has now been aired in the UK, here is the round up of the reactions and reviews from around the web, for those of you who haven't seen it yet beware as this will all be considered SPOILERS.
[View the story "'The Woman Who Lived' Roundup" on Storify]

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Sunday at 7pm: Join us for a Live Q&A with Rufus Hound!

BBC - Doctor Who - Sat, 10/24/2015 - 2:30am

We’re delighted to announce that at 7.00pm on Sunday (this weekend – Sunday, 25 October!) we’ll be doing a live Q&A with Rufus Hound on twitter, from the show’s official twitter feed, @bbcdoctorwho

So, from 7pm you can tweet your questions for Rufus using the hashtag #DoctorWho

In The Woman Who Lived he plays the charismatic Sam Swift so feel free to ask anything about the role or the episode! Rufus is a big fan of Doctor Who and also shot some fun videos for us which we called #rufuscam that you can enjoy now!

From 6pm to 6.50pm on Sunday we’ll be doing a tweet-along to The Woman Who Lived, so from 6pm why not watch the episode on BBC iPlayer and follow the tweets which will include the usual mixture of exclusive behind the scenes shots, episode artwork, related archive material and fun facts!

Then join us for the Q&A! Don’t forget to tweet your questions to Rufus using #DoctorWho We start the Q&A at 7pm and wrap up at 7.30pm so if you have something you want to ask, then just like Rufus, you have to be swift!

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We Review 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witch's Familiar' on Doctor Who: Podshock 330

Art Trap Productions - Fri, 10/23/2015 - 10:58am

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 330
Running Time: 1:58:15

We review the first 2 episodes of the new 2015 series of DOCTOR WHO, 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witch's Familiar' live on the net, plus news and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, Lee Shackleford, Kyle Jones, and Taras Hnatyshyn.

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We’re Dying to See The Woman Who Lived

BBC - Doctor Who - Fri, 10/23/2015 - 3:40am

Ashildr’s journey continues in The Woman Who Lived on Saturday at 8.20pm and here are 6 reasons why we’re dying to see it!

Immortal Beloved

The final sequence of The Girl Who Died showed a less than happy Ashildr as the years appeared to roll by… So, what’s happened to her? Photos for ep6 seem to show her in different guises… In fact, are we sure they’re all the same person?

Release the Hound!

We reckon Rufus Hound has the charisma to make Sam Swift a very special character and the combination of Rufus, Peter Capaldi and Maisie Williams is more than enough to make us want to tune in. Rufus is always great to watch and so we’re guessing we’ll soon be fast friends with Sam Swift!

The Woman Who Wrote It

Catherine Tregenna wrote some of our favourite episodes of Torchwood, including the Hugo nominated adventure, ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ and we can’t wait to see what she brings to Doctor Who with this, her first script for the show.

Dandy Lion

We’re curious about this monstrous looking figure… Friend or foe? Where’s he from, what does he want and does his dentist get danger money?

Dandy Highwaymen!

It’s Doctor Who meets highwaymen! Flintlocks, masks, galloping horses, derring do and daring robberies… It’s obvious the episode will (stand and) deliver a LOT of action!

What next for Ashildr?

We loved Maisie Williams in The Girl Who Died and would love to see her back… We’re hoping ep6 will give some clues as to whether she’ll return and we’re glad that Maisie seemed up for more adventures in the world of Doctor Who… Let the speculation commence!

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330 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Doctor Who: Podshock - Thu, 10/22/2015 - 11:14pm

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 330
Running time: 1:58:15

We review the first 2 episodes of the new 2015 series of DOCTOR WHO, 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witch's Familiar' live on the net, plus news and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, Lee Shackleford, Kyle Jones, and Taras Hnatyshyn.

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Doctor Who Related News - Sat, 09/05/2015 - 6:45pm

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