June 2009

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9 needs more love.

No posts here yet? For shame!

I think Chris Eccleston is underappreciated. It's a pity that he's overshadowed by Tennant. In my nind, both are phenomenal, so it bothers me that only one of them gets his due.

And I think that, in terms of re-watch value, Series One is the best of the revived program.

Shearman's Dalek? Amazingly powerful and tense. Pity it seems to have been ejected from history by the events of "Journey's End." No way Van Statten doens't know what a Dalek is after that!

The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances? Atmospheric, terrifying, and fun all at once. "Go to your room" is one of the best cliffhanger resolutions in the program's history: the Doctor using his brains to get out of a sticky situation, rather than a sonic screwdriver deus ex machina.

I think the low point of Eccleston's tenure was Aliens of London/World War Three, and even that has some truly awesome moments in it.

2005-2006 vs 2009

Part of the problem is...I've been watching some of 2005 again and part of the current problem is that in 2005 RTD set up a great base for DW in Rose and her family, Jackie and Mickey and even Pete. Rose had a life, Rose cared and we cared about her. Part of the problem with current DW and even classic DW, even the novels, is that they never had this and still don't for much of it. The audio's lame grasp at a family for Peri and a life for Tegan pale in comparision because mostly they're negative; Tegan's dying; Peri's mom and her friend die thanks to a stupid mistake by the Sixth Doctor. Rose's family, say what you will about them, was fairly positive, upbeat, funny, and human with mistakes being made, etc. But they loved each other and felt real. Jackie and Mickey are great charcaters we can feel for and sypmathize with. After Doomsday we lost this.

the later 7th Doctor New Adventures

About the time of HUMAN NATURE I began to really enjoy the novels again. Maybe it had something to do iwth the loss of Ace. I never really fully like her. Benny around her was even more irritating as I think Ace brought out the worst in Benny. But tha'ts just me, tons of fans lvoe Ace and Love her with Benny. Truthfully, I love Chris and Roz, two "new" companions in ORIGINAL SIN. The novels also took in decidedly good ideas if a bit grim and WARCHILD, a squel to earlier NA novels has Roz shoot many enemy dogs ala the 70s movie THE PACK (Which seems to have been remade recently with a different title and Eric Lively as the star).  One thing I didn't like was the loss of the TARDIS and the DOc has to travel in a different TARDIS, why oh the horror of why? Anyway a similar thing happened in the 8th Doc novels later on with Compassion, a living TARDIS that I think Fitz and the Doc traveled in. That made me ill.  Not really.


Just take a look at the covers of any or all of the First Doctor novel ranges MISSING ADVENTURES or BBC Adventures, whichever. Just like the TV era of Hartnell, the range here is amazing, rockets and spacestations one day or one week, magic and fantasy and socerers the next day or month as the case may or may not be, then history with or without aliens. DW in that era was truly expansive and unlimited even on TV but in these books, that's even more true. There are plenty of historicals here but this has an alien construct, a fairly creepy one and one that haunts...tunnels I believe. Then there's the history part: even more scary is the Mongols attacking Kiev and what they do to the inhabitants...and what the inhabitants do back...somehow influenced by the alien. The Doc speaks like the Doc, the history is accurate or as near as I can tell and the prose is...scary and well done. Dodo gets her groove on by knocking someone's out and Steven is just magnificent in this.


This novel, after the awfulness of the let's make fun of theTOMORROW PEOPLE bit of VERDIGRIS (with the really badly prsented Iris WIldthyme or whatever she's called), this Third Doctor story is refereshing. The Third didn't often get to travel and when he did, didn't often get to travel into the past. THE TIME WARRIOR, the Atlantis bits in THE TIME MONSTER, and you might just count some of the ship scenes in CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS and that's about it. He's not really had a pure historical adventure. WAGES OF SIN is it.

MODEL TRAINS short story

Paul McGann reads this and two other stories I think. They are from the SHORT TRIPS earlier tales. I think it's  a quaint small story of the Doctor playing with model trains. There's more to it than that though. I think there are tiny aliens, clockwork passengers in the train and there's a link to the 7th Doctor's manipulations that just aren't the 8th Doc anymore and even he realizes that. A good tight little story that just about works

The Earthbound novels

Only six novels were written (seven if you count WOLFSBANE) set in the span of time the Doctor has no memory but it comes back slowly and he recovers from his destruction of Gallifrey and other alien invaders to it...and his TARDIS slowly regrows...a great idea that DW can stretch its format to and adjust to. True, it does somewhat limit the science fictional aspects of the concept...thank goodness but the novels don't. The Doctor actually lives from the later part of the 1800s through to 2001 on Earth, stuck.

I orginally wrote  a long post about these six novels and WOLFSBANE but lost it all with the hit of a wrong button.

the 8th Doc...uh, Paul in BLACK LACE: THE STRANGER by Ka...uh...Portia Da Costa

BLACK LACE: THE STRANGER by Portia Da Costa is an adult novel that is recommended to be sold only to adults. Published in 1997, it is one of many novels that seems to be written by Virgin New Adventure/Missing Stories authors under psuedonyms. Indeed, a woman named Claudia is recently widowed and find a confused young man who seems to have dropped out of the sky or nowhere into a lake. From the back of the book: "When a confused and mysterous young man stumbles into the life of the recently widowed Claudia, he becomes the catalyst that reignites her sleeping sensuality. But is the handsome and angelic PAUL really a combinatation of innocent and voluptuary, amnesiac and genius? Claudia's friends becomes involved in trying to decide whthere he is  a subtle an dsurpremely accomplished confidence trickster with a dark and depraved agenda or just a beaituful young man who has lost his memory.

An Introduction to Our Second Life Meet Ups

As previously announced, our Second Life meet ups are now seasonal. We will be holding them on a regular basis. Last month, we had our very successful Second Second Life Meet Up which took place after a long gap without any. Victor1st of the land of Katrina on Second Life prepared a video that introduced Doctor Who fans to the Doctor Who Experience on Second Life. He had also created a new one specifically for those attending our meet up.

Although our Second Second Life Meet Up was last month, this video still serves as a good introduction to Second Life for our upcoming meet ups. Our next will be in August. We thank Victor for making this greeting and tour for those attending our meet ups there.


Despite my liking the author Keith Topping, I can't say I liked KING OF TERROR much. We get a very old Brig at 121 years of age, a UNIT that is decidedly faceless and boring, a UNIT man or so falling for Tegan, a drunk Turlough and an almost in active Doctor. The aliens, no, two sets of aliens are warring or something and threatening  the end of Earth or something. Trouble is with this book, even though super things happen and effect the whole world over a long time, we're not really involved because a lot of the events seem like news reports without being news reports. A lot of it reads like a synposis instead of a story. If it were a movie or tv story I'd say too much was told to us rather than shown to us. The three major leads do not act like they do on tv and almost are not recognizable and links to other parts of DW don't really pan out.  Not a great book at all and in fact, I'd avoid it.

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