June 2009

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I'm not a big fan of the 7th Doctor or Ace but there are some cracking good TV stories with them and some really good novels and audios too. This one by Keith Topping is tops. It has a sequence with a scarecrow that really chills. In a book! Well I got chills from reading the original AMITYVILLE HORROR book, not a true story by any means but a well written scary book nevertheless. That sequence with the scarecrow chasing Ace and Steven Chen through a graveyard as they try to escape a church. That image alone is enough to recommend this strange Lovecraftian tale.     

Novel-Shadow of Weng Chiang

This 1996 novel featured Romana 1, K9, and the Fourth Doctor looking for the key to time and getting sidetracked by a sequel to TALONS OF WENG CHAING and in many ways it's better. It's very different, full of daytime sequences, airports, car chases, and a lot of action. The setting is more exotic and full of danger and murder and the Doc, Romana and K9 act like they should. K9 seems to have a lot of fun this time out and there are even one or two surprise links to Talons that I didn't see coming. All in all a fun novel that I can highly recommend. The ending climax is so full of action and tension...and Mr. Syn is more evil than ever!     

Quick Review of the 8th Doctor novels

Okay my memory may have gone and may be cheating but here goes:

THE INFINITY DOCTORS: a big mess. My question is why? It's not particularly interesting, not well written and truthfully rather boring. It goes over old ground, tries to make tv stories that were perfectly fine the first time around better and fails, and isn't funny, interesting or different. If this were filmed, it would be flat and boring. IMO. That said, it made me feel glad that DW and the spinoffs can do something like this, that it can stretch this far.

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Air Date for Torchwood S3

Hey folks,


This has not been confirmed, but I stumbled across info stating that the airdate for Torchwood Series 3 will start July 20th.  I'm not sure if this is the BBC1 or the BBC America air date.


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PodShock on Podcast Alley

Just a reminder that PodShock is listed - and can be downloaded from - Podcast Alley.


And better yet YOU CAN VOTE for it here:-



And PodShock needs your vote - it's down at No 47!


Cheers, daveac

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Ok - here we go again.  Same rules - vote once every 24 hours.  Take 2 points from the Companion you want to vote out, Add 1 point to the Companion you want to keep.

I did not include EVERY character that travelled w/ the Doctor, but I tried to keep it to just the characters that would be considered a Companion - the list is already too big, (apoligies to the Brett Vyon, Kamelion, Captain Yates & Katarina fans) - but I had to exclude some of them.  I hope I have not forgotten or slighted anyone!

My rule was that the companion must be in at least three stories and that at least one companion from each Doctor is represented.  I did not include anyone from the audio adventures or books...just televised episodes....so here we go.


Good cover and pretty good artwork inside this IDW comic book. The story? Light. Okay, not too bad. The Doc and Donna find a human colony using robots to...kill travelers. It's DW light but not a terrible story and internally consistent. And Donna acts like Donna and the Doc acts like the Doc. The general feeling from me though is that...I'm eager for this Doctor to fade away and be replaced by the new 11th Doctor. Soon!    

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 153

"Ah, yes! Thank you. It's good. Keep warm."

Outpost Gallifrey Presents:
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 153
Running Time: 1:37:00

The first Doctor regeneration story, The Tenth Planet is reviewed, plus news, rumours, and feedback (from: Fox Cutter, Rooney, Richard, Jeremy Bement, Gregg (Th3AppStoreReviewer), Tiggs Panther, Graeme, and Donavon).

This Week In Doctor Who (Omnibus) - June 13, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
June 13, 2009 - Vol 12, No 24
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

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