June 2009

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Doctor Who: Podshock 153 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 153 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 153 reviewing the first Doctor regeneration story, The Tenth Planet.

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Tin Dog Podcast

TDP Delta bannermen






EDIT - Made the MP3 file URL a hot link - Louis (June 13, 2009 - 8:16  AM)

IMDB confirm Finale cast? ***Possible Spoilers***

Timothy Dalton and Gillian Anderson are listed. Is there official confirmation from the BBC?



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A new Doctor Who facebook app for those interested.

So, feeling that facebook was severely lacking in Who apps, I created my own. http://apps.facebook.com/doctor-who--efgeeb/. You can send your friends Doctors, monsters, companions, and of course K-9! Enjoy!

- Carl

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[POSSIBLE SPOILER] Retro Console Room & Ep 1 Villain?

Rich Johnson over at Bleeding Cool is quoting Russell T. Davies as saying that the TARDIS console room is getting a more "retro" look for Series 5, and that the Daleks appear in Matt Smith's first episode.

And that he plans to stay on Torchwood if it gets greenlit for a 4th series.

I'd be interested to see a transcript of the comments, though, because it seems a little unlikely that RTD would be issuing spoilers (accurate spoilers, at least) about Moffat's episodes, let alone stealing their thunder by disclosing the villains of the very first episode!  Unless of course the Daleks won't be the main antagonists and instead make an appearance in some other way...

See here for full report: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2009/06/12/russell-t-davies-at-the-national-film-theatre-torchwood-doctor-who-and-daleks/


I admit I cheated a bit. I watched the first ten min of CASTROVALVA. It still amazes me. JNT did a great thing with this story and with the change over. It is why I liked him and why I still remember him fondly...for season 18 and 19 mostly...and why I felt so betrayed by him later on but that's another story...

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UK Petrol Station TARDIS

UK Petrol Station TARDIS

Location of the petrol station TARDIS:

Map location of Petrol Station TARDIS

Location of the petrol station TARDIS in detail:

Dark Oracle (2004)

This series is also worth tracking down (Ioffer.com). It is also from Canada and has that Canada flavor and then some. The story goes something like this: a brother and sister have counterparts inside a cursed comic book but we don't know that right away. The cursed comic book issue one has something that starts to happen, usually portending an event in the future that usually looks dangerous or deadly even. The bro and sis have to stop the event...if they can. In the meantime, they don't know it but the book has many many issues and they can't get rid of it, ala FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES cursed objects. If they try, it keeps coming back and can't be destroyed. The counterparts inside the comic want out. And there's something sinister or not about the man who runs the local comic book store. Cultish even. There's a goth girl that works there that is a nice character who falls for the brother of the sister. There's also a clownish sidekick for the brother.

Myth Quest

It's worth tracking down this 13 part---God, this show deserved a fuller life and more seasons---series. You've probably seen the entire cast in other things ranging from the tv show DRACULA THE SERIES and DEGRASSI and other places, most of them Canadian actors. The story goes something like this: a man finds out that the computer he has made using an interconnection with an ancient loadstone has virtual reality myths from all cultures inside it...and they're all real realities in side it. An evil man from one of these comes out and tries to take the loadstone or does take it (I'm a bit fuzzy on this plot point as it's been a awhile since I saw it).

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