June 2009

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State of Decay


There's something inherently wrong with airing stuff out of order. I mean the actors get older, they grow more accostumed to their roles, there's even some continuity stuff that gets mixed up. This happened or is seen most in LAND OF THE GIANTS, where Barry grows quite a few inches or more between the first half of the first PRODUCED episodes and the way they were aired. There was also character development that went out the window. The thing is that some executive got hold of the show and hated it and thought, I'll air the worst episodes first IN HIS OPINION but it backfired on him. The show rose in ratings from day one and then leveled off as he aired the BEST eps first.

Mug Shots of Paul Cornell and Tony Lee at the DWNY Meet Up

In February 2009, Doctor Who: Podshock (Ken Deep, Billy Davis, and Louis Trapani) attended the DWNY (Doctor Who New York) Meet Up. Also attending were special guests Paul Cornell and Tony Lee. During the event, DWNY President, Barnaby presented the two with DWNY mugs, here is a short video clip of the presentation.

James Naughton Joins 'Hoo on Who' Reviewing Pyramids of Mars

Hoo on Who podcastJames Naughton is the last, but not least Doctor Who: Podshock host to guest on the Hoo on Who Doctor Who podcast hosted by David Hooie. Together in episode 10 of the podcast, they review the classic Tom Baker story on DVD, Pyramids of Mars.

Hoo on Who is available via iTunes and via its website.

Daphne Ashbrook on Doctor Who: Podshock

Daphne Ashbrook on Doctor Who: Podshock

The lovely Daphne Ashbrook live on stage on Doctor Who: Podshock (episode 141) at Gallifrey 20 on February 15, 2009. Photo by Rachel McCauley

Surprise Guest Revealed - Daphne Ashbrook

Surprise Guest Revealed - Daphne Ashbrook

Daphne Ashbrook (1996 Doctor Who movie), a surprise guest to Doctor Who: Podshock live on stage recording episode 141 at Gallifrey 20 on February 15, 2009 joins Ken Deep, Louis Trapani, and James NaughtonPhoto by Rachel McCauley

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Paul McGann fan-art

I don't know if this is the place for this, but I just finished a Paul McGann piece tonight and wanted to share it with all of you. Comments, feedback, and critiques are more than welcome. I hope you like it.




- C

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This 12 part THAMES serial is on DVD. It stars Patrick Troughton as an evil High Priest of an ancient Mexican tribe, looking a lot like Aztecs. Toltecs are also involved and there is an arranged marriage which is wanted. The serial is properly set and looks wonderful. I've only seen four episodes so far but it is pretty good. It's from Ruth Bozewell of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and Vic Hughes also of the Tp show, the original and the better version. It is sort of a mixture of TREASURE ISLAND and THE AZTECS from DOCTOR WHO. The High Priest does not want peaceful methods to replace the blood rituals and so arranges several murders which a blind man dreamt about and a young boy, Tozo (an almost unrecognizable Richard Willis, Adric's brother Varsh in FULL CIRCLE) witnesses. Tozo gets caught up in the intrigue and there are challenger and fights and from the four eps I saw, the outcomes are not always what one might predict.

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Seven Million Hits on GE 2.0

Well the original (2.0) Gallifreyan website went through its seventh million hits yesterday. Congrats.

In the contiued time honored fashion.

The first million hits to the site took 369 Days.
The second million hits took 200 Days.
The third Million took 148 days.
The Fourth Million took 188 days.
Fifth Million took 164 Days.
Sixth Million took 184 Days.
Seventh Milion took 172 Days.

The hit rate seems pretty consistant at about 1 million hits per 170 days. Especially impressive considering no series this year.

I guess it might not be able to continue this on the new site As the stats are not obviously visible.


view recent forum posts?

On the old forum, you could click on a button and it would show all the posts since your last visit / unread ones . Is there a way to do this in the new forum?

More Laughter on Doctor Who: Podshock Live

More Laughter on Doctor Who: Podshock Live

Laughter ensues during the live recording on stage of Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 141 at Gallifrey 20 in Los Angeles, CA on February 15, 2009. Left to right: Doctor Who Producer Phil Collinson, Toby Hadoke (Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf), and Ken DeepPhoto by Rachel McCauley

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