June 2009

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Hoo On Who Episode 10 is up!

Episode 10, featuring James Naughton, is now up on the feed or you can download it from iTunes.  James and I review and discuss Pyramids of Mars, the great Tom Baker story!


I apologize that the audio is a bit dodgy, my fault, but I smoothed it out the best I could!  I'm afraid I had my mic turned up a bit too loud!

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Users Online

Hi Louis - have you got rid of the 'Users Online' or has it moved?


Cheers, daveac

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Yorkshire TARDIS

Yorkshire TARDIS

James Naughton stood in front of a TARDIS (outside the police station) in the Yorkshire town of Wetherby.

Mary Tamm (1984)

Mary Tamm (1984)

Mary Tamm (Romana 1) addresses fans in Manhattan during the summer of 1984. Photo by Louis Trapani

Louise Jameson (1984)

Louise Jameson (1984)

Here's Louise Jameson (Leela) appearing in NYC in the autumn of 1984. Photo by Louis Trapani

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Colin's birthday! (June 8)

Hope you had a great birthday, you crazy man you.

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The "Checkout Line" Promo

Louis, the "checkout line" promo is hilarious.  I'm assuming you're doing all three of those voices (with some help from the miracle of audio engineering)?  Very clever script that makes the point very nicely, with excellent production.  Well done!  It moves me to make a donation.  I will, too -- promise.

Do you fancy bringing back the tradition of the Doctor's face appearing in the opening credits of Doctor Who?

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31% (16 votes)
Total votes: 52

ADRIC VS TURLOUGH spoilers for Big Finish Boy Time Forgot

True story: John Peel asked me...I used to know him personally...at least we talked  on the phone and exchanged a few snail mail letters in the early 80s. He asked me if I wanted to know what was to happen. I had seen in FANTASY EMPIRE the ep guide to Peter's first year and I thought the stories looked great but that Matthew was listed only through Earthshock. He asked me if I wanted to know why and I said yes and didn't mind if he spoiled things for me. He told me that Adric was to die, apparently saving the Earth but not really, from the Cybermen. I told him how awful I felt and how bad I thought that move was. He did'nt tell me how or when Adric would die, like in what part of the story. This made the tension in EARTHSHOCK MORE PALABLE for me, believe it or not. I did enjoy ES and even the death of Adric but to be honest, it left a hole in me. It made me sad.


Okay so I guess I'll get this out of the way now as I approach the FULL CIRCLE review and all of Adric's tales.

There is a whole debate and a bunch of postings someplace about how I and others like Adric. I like Adric. Yup, I do. In fact, some of what made me more of a DW fan is the character. DW, to be frank, was about out there unreal people in unreal places facing unreal threats and doing unreal things. It was mildly amusing, sometimes disturbing or scary, and presented a lot of old ideas in the same place and that was all quite quaint. The characters were all unrelatable, sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but almost always not people we'd meet in real life. And most of the time I felt I had no one to relate to on the show. I was about the same age as Matthew Waterhouse when he took on the role and probably mentally younger! DW never had anyone young on the show that was a full time companion, certainly not a young man/male, teenager, child.

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