June 2009

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Torchwood Cardiff Exhibit

BBC - South East Wales

An exhibition of the BBC Wales sci-fi series Torchwood is being planned just a stone's throw from Captain Jack's underground hub in Cardiff Bay.


Hex 90 percent naked

Philip Oliver who audios the voice of companion Hex appears in May 2009 issue of ATTITUDE almost in the buff and I do mean buff. Apparently he's posed for this magazine before and will strip at a moment's notice! I almost forgot, 25 year old David Ames is also on a page in this issue. He played Nathan in PLANET OF THE DEAD or so he says. I dn't recall him and I think I would have. Anyway...he says it is David's swansong but it's not unfortunately. Unless he's in something else further in the year...and if anyone can play Adric it's this guy. Anyway too bad he's not the new companion! 

Happy Birthday Colin Baker

The 6th Doctor turns 66 today. The Gallifreyan Embassy and Doctor Who: Podshock wishes Colin Baker a happy birthday.

Colin had burst onto the Doctor Who scene taking over the lead role after Peter Davison stepped down in 1984 as the colourful and bold 6th Doctor. Although not his first association with Doctor Who, he had played Commander Maxil in the 5th Doctor story, Arc of Infinity. Blake's 7 fans will also know him as 'Bayban the Butcher' - a guest role he had in the series.

Radio Free Skaro's picture

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

An amazing new Radio Free Skaro episode!:

Katrina was back in the fold again this week (replacing Warren, who’s busy blogging in Banff this week), with the main focus of the Three Who Rule being to provide comments on Series 1 episode “The Long Game”. The trio never once went more than ten minutes without discussing the episode at hand – a new record? Along the way, various bits of news were covered, including the explosion of fandom (aka the closing of Doctor Who Forum at Outpost Gallifrey), the shrapnel of which, it was determined, landed well short of affecting your intrepid hosts.


Thanks Louis, I think this is a success. No, not MEGLOS, folks, my being able to sign in. I know everyone wants me to be able to post on the new site, right?! ")

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 152

"I've come to help. I'm the Doctor."

Outpost Gallifrey Presents:
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 152
Running Time: 1:04:08

All news edition: Karen Gillan Recap, Outpost Gallifrey Closing, Gallifreyan Embassy New Website, Who Party 14 Toronto, Doctor Who/Torchwood Comes to Space in Canada, BBC America Launches HD, Planet of the Dead and Torchwood Children of Earth come to DVD/Blu-ray, 24th Anniversary Celebration, and more.

daveac's picture

daveac vblog

Well here we are in the new GE forums - and what are we missing???



Well here is my latest effort - vblog 046 - with a new camera so not as polished as normal - Who's he trying to kid! :-)


Hope this works - fingers crossed :-)

Cheers, daveac

Wendy Padbury, Daphne Ashbrook, and Frazer Hines at Gallifrey 20

Wendy Padbury, Daphne Ashbrook, and Frazer Hines at Gallifrey 20

Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot of Doctor Who), Daphne Ashbrook (Grace of the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie), and Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon of Doctor Who) at Gallifrey 20.

Photo by Louis Trapani

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