June 2009

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Mind of Evil by Billy Davis

Doctor Who: Podshock Special Correspondent Billy Davis created this tribute to The Master with his song and video, Mind of Evil. It was presented at Gallifrey 19 at the conclusion of the Doctor Who: Podshock Live on Stage Show.

Billy Davis at Gallifrey 20

Billy Davis at Gallifrey 20

Doctor Who: Podshock Special Correspondent, Billy Davis peeking out of the TARDIS at Gallifrey 20 (February 2009).

White Robot and Daphne Ashbrook at Gallifrey 20

White Robot and Daphne Ashbrook at Gallifrey 20

The White Robot (Billy Davis) with Daphne Ashbrook (Grace in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie) at Gallifrey 20 (February 2009).

Randomizer and Firefox

Something I just noticed is when using Firefox as your web browser, the Randomizer (the block on the left that randomly shows different images from our galleries) does not change with each page refresh. It works fine in Safari.

I am guessing it may have to do with how Firefox caches pages (page elements). 

Are you using Firefox? Is the Randomizer changing it's image with each page refresh for you? Are you encountering the same problem with another browser?

I find it odd that I hadn't noticed it before today, therefore it could be as a result of some of the optimization going behind the scenes here on the website that is affecting Firefox but not Safari. Perhaps some testing is in order here.

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Matt Smith’s Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles?

Check out this story from Rich Johnston's BleedingCool website: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2009/06/02/matt-smiths-face-to-appear-in-doc...


Does this mean that other aspects of the original Dr. Who will be returning? I hope we get to see other rooms in the TARDIS. I know I've missed that aspect of the show. So far, in the new series, it seems that the TARDIS is just a control room, and not much else. This makes the TARDIS seem rather small to me. Does anyone else miss seeing the other rooms, or is it just me.


On a related note, does the TARDIS have a bathroom? What would a timelord bathroom even look like? Just wondering. You'd think that at some point the Doctor or one of his many companions would have to use the lew, but it's never been addressed. Or a kitchen? Does the Doctor only eat drive-thru?


What other classic Doctor ideas do YOU want to see?

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Hoo On Who

Check out my podcast, Hoo On Who, available at http://www.hooonwho.com

I review classic series Doctor Who adventures on DVD in no particular order!  Give it a listen!

Celebrate 24 Years With Us

June marks our 24th anniversary! Join us as we celebrate it at a special joint meet up with DWNY on Monday, 15th of June 2009 at 7pm at the Peculier Pub in New York City. It is not the first time we will be joining DWNY at a meet up at the Peculier Pub. If you attended before, you know what a fantastic group DWNY is and how wonderful their meet ups are on a monthly basis. This one will be no exception.

In town joining us will be Doctor Who: Podshock's West Coast Correspondent, Joshua Lou Friedman for the event. Plus, we will have a very special guest WHO will be on hand too.

Gallifreyan Embassy at ICON-28

Gallifreyan Embassy at ICON-28

At the Gallifreyan Embassy table at I-CON 28 in April 2009 (l-r) Rosanne, Ken, Keith, Billy, and Tim.

Tony Lee, Louis Trapani, Dalek, Ken Deep, and Paul Cornell

Tony Lee, Louis Trapani, Dalek, Ken Deep, and Paul Cornell

Special guests Tony Lee (far left), Paul Cornell (far right), and a Dalek join Louis Trapani and Ken Deep and the entire DWNY meet up crowd in February 2009.

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