June 2009

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DWNY February 2009 Meet Up

DWNY February 2009 Meet Up

Taras relaxes with Gina, a Dalek, and a friend at the February 2009 DWNY meet up at the Peculier Pub in New York City.

Louis Has TARDIS Will Travel

Louis Has TARDIS Will Travel

Louis enjoys the creature comforts of the TARDIS at Gallifrey 20 (February 2009). (TARDIS courtesy Tara Wheeler)

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Staggering Stories Podcast

What fine chaps they are to let us pimp our podcasts here! That's what's so great about Doctor Who Podcasters, it's like an extended family rather than bitter rivals! But enough gushing, let's get pluggin'...

The Staggering Stories Podcast is not exclusively Doctor Who related but we do ensure that, each time, one of our major segments is about Who. We are, after all, a group of friends who were originally brought together by Doctor Who (far too long ago to mention!) but, like most Who fans, we also enjoy a lot of other great Sci-Fi that's out there.

We don't take it too seriously, we just chat about the news, give our opinions on Sci-Fi TV and films (especially Who) and other such nonsense.

It's not as bad as I make it sound (or maybe it is worse!) Feel free to find out for yourself:


You can also find us on iTunes and several other popular Podcast Repositories.

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Sad News - David Carradine found dead

David Carradine found dead

Digital Spy had this sad news:




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From the Beginning: The First Doctor

I thought I would recreate this thread on the new Forum for those of us which have recently undertaken watching our beloved show from the first episode, in order.

Amazon Picks

The Amazon Picks in the right side block has been temporally disabled because of a problem on the Amazon servers earlier this morning ( June 4, 2009) that resulted in slowing our site down to a crawl. Once I am sure the problem is resolved, they will return.

Second Life Meet Ups Now Seasonal

Thanks to the enormous success of our Second Second Life Meet Up in May, we had an overwhelming amount of requests at the event for us to do it on a more regular basis. To that end, we will be holding Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy Second Life Meet Ups now regularly. 

Second Life is a virtual 3D environment that enables club members, listeners, website visitors, and all Doctor Who fans to come together to meet up, talk, dance, hang out, party, etc. no matter where you live. All that is needed is broadband internet access and the free Second Life client software (and a computer capable of running it). It breaks down the geographic barriers and make it easy for us to connect. It's the next best thing to being there in person.

Pete Pixel at Second SL Meet Up

Pete Pixel at Second SL Meet Up

Pete Pixel (AKA James Naughton) with Terry Lightfoot at our Second Second Life Meet Up in May 2009. Snapshot by Tim Drury?

Second Second Life Meet Up 2

Second Second Life Meet Up 2

The evening has draped over us at our Second Second Life Meet Up in May 2009. The party is grooving.

Second Second Life Meet Up 1

Second Second Life Meet Up 1

A shot of our Second Second Life Meet up... The party is getting on during the day, as darkness sets in, more and more people arrive.

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