June 2009

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daveac at a Hyde Fundraisers

daveac at a Hyde Fundraisers

On the 45th anniversary weekend of Doctor Who - Hyde Fundraisers have a Doctor Who 'Children in Need' event at Ashton-u-Lyne Library in the UK. I did an interview with Wayne Broughton for the Gallifreyan Embassy & Doctor Who Podshock. Videos and photos are also linked to on the GE site. (Looking sharp in his Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy shirt)

In Russell/Moffat We Trust Shirts and More

You heard it here on Doctor Who: Podshock and now you can take it with you where ever you go with shirts and other gear sporting the slogan, "In Russell We Trust" or if you rather have "In Moffat We Trust", or get them both. Many of our listeners and website visitors, took the slogan coined by Ken Deep on our show and made it their own mantra.

This Week In Doctor Who - May 30, 2009 (test posting)

This is a test post. I am reproducing last Saturday's edition of This Week In Doctor Who to see how it appears here. This will help me figure out if I need to do anything special when posting the new edition on June 6. Note - this is an omnibus edition with all 3 sections of This Week In Doctor Who and the Torchwood This Week section glued together. - Benjamin Elliott

This Week In Doctor Who
May 30, 2009 - Vol 12, No 22
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Upcoming Premiere Broadcasts:

Sunday 31 May:
ABC1 Australia 7:30PM - Planet Of The Dead
BBC Entertainment Poland 7PM and 11:30PM - Smith And Jones
Monday 1 June:

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Gallifreyan Embassy Blogs

With our new website (3.0), comes a new feature of blogs. It basically means in addition to news and other postings featured on our site, we will have regular contributors posting blog entries here as well relating to all things Doctor Who including the spin-offs of it.

Currently, the bloggers will be limited to staff and crew of the website and Doctor Who: Podshock, but will also feature other writers. One of which you will know from our podcast, but perhaps more so from his weekly This Week in Doctor Who (TWIDW) listings on Outpost Gallifrey and the TWIDW Yahoo Group, we welcome Benjamin Elliott who will be posting This Week in Doctor Who here as a regular blog.

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Hi Louis, Would it be possible to have a Calendar on the Site - say with a Tab for it?

I'm thinking of it for the marking down of 'real world' events and meetups - like the Whoovers in the UK and the New York meetups etc. etc.

Something like this one I just saw on Wordpress Tavern:-


Cheers, daveac




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url in sig

Just realised you can have a URL in your Sig

That's great!

Thanks again Louis :-)

Cheers, daveac

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new trailer

have you seen the new trailer for torchwood? it was just put up on the 29 of may. i am also ready for the new shows that are said to air in july on BBC America.

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Doctor Who Motivational Posters

You know the idea. You take a picture and then caption it. Like so...

Tardis Console Motivator

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Tim's Take On...

Hi just introducing myself really I do Tim's Take On... which over the past few months has covered Dr Who conventions in both the North and South of the UK. One listener described my coverage as "almost like being there"

Find the shows at http://tto.mypodcast.com/ I'm having some problems with my service provider and may have to change soon.

If you're a podcaster and would like my promo you can find it here http://www.esnips.com/web/TimsTakeOnPodcast it's also been on the most recent Tin Dog Podcast and will be on the next Staggering Stories Podcast.

Any suggestions for a good podcast service prodvider would be helpful, esp free ones.

Another Forum Option

Another Forum option may be to go with forum software that is not integrated into the CMS. It is not as preferable as one that is as it would be mean going to what would look like another site in its appearance, and possibly having a separate account for it as well. 

The benefit would be that it would be a full-fledge forum with all the options one would expect from one.


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