June 2009

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(SPOILER) Possible Weddings in "Doctor Who"?

Well this is my first post on the new site and I have a possible doozy for you.



Digital Spy reports that there will be three weddings in the Doctor Who universe. The story reports that Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, and Sarah Jane Smith are getting married.

I don't know how true this story is but Digital spy has been pretty fair about upcoming storylines.

Here is the link:



EDIT: I've also checked The Sun's website and they report a similar story.

Here's the link:

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Rich's ComixBlog New Doctor Who Offering

Just started today, appears to be a crossover of some kind.

Doctor Who Forever Janette


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Who else wants Kinda to come out on DVD ASAP?

It's absolutely one of my favourites and its lack of DVD release is a tragedy.

Mind you, they'll probably do a Mara boxset or something.

Anyway, absolutely one of the scariest and best stories in the shows history IMO.

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Stance on sausages...

Well, admittedly I've not been a member for long but one thing I don't think has been made hugely clear so far unfortunately is the stance this website has on sausages.

Personally I see sausages as only a positive thing, they are tasty, have a high protein content and generally spead nothing but joy through all age groups.

Come to think of it I've never seen The Doctor have a sausage either. I remember when Jon Pertwee ate gorgonzola in Day of The Daleks. Were there sausages? No! Not a weiner or a wurst in sight!

So within these few sentences I feel I have discovered that there is in fact a huge gap in our knowledge of The Doctor's perspective on things.

We know he stands for what is right but how does he stand on a Bratwurst.

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The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

If you've not discovered my podcast yet take a look at http://web.me.com/backintheussr6/The_Minute_Doctor_Who_Podcast/

It started off as a video podcast when I lived in Russia and now has some audio content. The idea is to produce short Doctor Who related slices of entertainment for your enjoyment. I don't tend to follow any particular pattern and am not in the business of keeping up with current news and events (though that doesn't stop me from doing so).

I'll be adding a post here when I do a new episode so you can keep up to date. Please feel free to subscribe through the site or via iTunes.

Feedback is always appreciated at min_dw@yahoo.co.uk

Jon Pertwee Gets Musical (1986)

Jon Pertwee Gets Musical (1986)

Jon Pertwee entertains the crowd with a guitar during his cabaret performance at I-CON, Stony Brook, NY on April 5, 1986. Photo by Louis Trapani

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Tom Baker and Louis (1986)

Tom Baker and Louis (1986)

A quick shot of myself (Louis Trapani) with Tom Baker in September 1986. The photo is a bit blurred due to the fact that there was no flash and therefore had to use a slow exposure rate for the shot. Photo by Louis Trapani

In Russell We Trust T-Shirt

In Russell We Trust T-Shirt

Ken coined the phrase, "In Russell We Trust" on our podcast and for many became their own mantra. Get your In Russell We Trust T-Shirt now. (Available in different colours in men and women styles). Also see our "In Moffat We Trust" shirt.

In Moffat We Trust T-Shirt

In Moffat We Trust T-Shirt

Ken coined the phrase originally with "In Russell We Trust" and has now carried it over with "In Moffat We Trust" Get your In Moffat We Trust T-shirt today! (Available in different colors for men and women). Also see our "In Russell We Trust" shirt.

How Does Outpost Gallifrey Closing Affect Doctor Who: Podshock?

As you may have learned, Outpost Gallifrey and the Doctor Who Forum on the same site will be closing come the 31st of July 2009 (see Shaun Lyon's statement here: Outpost Gallifrey & the Doctor Who Forum to Close July 31). The gallifreyone.com site, will stay dedicated to the annual Gallifrey One conventions.

For some 14 years, Outpost Gallifrey has served as the hub of Doctor Who fandom around the world. A rich community has developed around the site and we are ever so grateful to Shaun and the entire web staff there for all their hard work in making it happen.

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