July 2009

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DVD Club: The Robots of Death

As opposed to reveiws, etc of individual stories, I am setting up this thread more as a means of discussing various questions connected to the story. I promised to do this on Aug 1st but forgot that I'm away on holiday so here it is early. Feel free to discuss any of the following questions and/or add your own to be discusssed. Have fun!

1. What do you see as the main themes of The Robots of Death?

2. Can you see any influences from other science fiction programmes/novels?

3. Would the story have worked differently with any of the other Doctors?

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ITV teases The Prisoner remake

"I am not a number"...ITV teases The Prisoner remake


Spoiler of course

Hope it can be seen outside UK

EDIT - I'll try embed


Cheers, daveac

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 157

"Renewed? Have I? That's it, I've been renewed. It's part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn't survive."

Outpost Gallifrey Presents:
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 157
Running Time: 1:26:39

Quasi-live coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2009, 11th Doctor's New Threads and New TARDIS, Special Reports from Tara Wheeler at SDCC, Jarrod Cooper of Hurricane Who interviewed, and more.

Hosted by Ken Deep, James Naughton and Louis Trapani.

Doctor Who: Podshock 157 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 157 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 157. San Diego Comic Con photo by Tara Wheeler

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Podshock T Shirts

Hi guys, didn't know where else to ask this, but it's been bugging me for ages

I really really REALLY want to buy a Podshock T Shirt before I go to Gallifrey next year so I can wear it at the con... but being in Australia I can't.
I went to the UK store and it wouldn't even let me enter Australia as a destination.

How can I get one? :(

Can someone sent me one, or will you be selling the women's shirts at Gallifrey so I can buy one there.

I'd love to get a photo taken in front of Sydney Harbour of me wearing it for the Media gallery.

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Part Two

After the Doctor Who panel ended, I hauled butt over to the Sails Pavillion, where my Darlng Husband had run through multiple lines to get me a ticket for the autograph session and saved me a place in line.

There were wild rumors that David Tennant would take part in this session and Murray Gold had hinted on Twitter that he might also take part in it.

But no.  Euros Lyn, Julie Gardner and Russell T. came in after about an hour's wait.

Thanks to the DH, I was right up in front of the line and had a moment or two to trade comments with RTD.

Of course, I have my own agenda, and asked him, as he'd just claimed that Four was *his* Doctor, why the BBC no longer distributes Doctor Who Scarf patterns.

He'd had no idea and offered to look into it.  I gave him my card.

Actor Harry Towb Dies

Harry Towb as Osgood (left) with Terry Scully (right)British actor, Harry Towb has died at 83 on Friday after briefly battling cancer. Born in Larne, County Antrim, grew up in Belfast, and moved to England in the 1950's, has passed away peacefully in his home in London.

Although his career spanned the stage, television, and film with roles in everything from Little Shop of Horrors (stage), The Avengers (TV), and The 39 Steps (film), for Doctor Who viewers, they may recognize him as Osgood in the 1969 story, 'Seeds of Death' with Patrick Troughton or as McDermott in the 1971 story, 'Terror of the Autons' with Jon Pertwee.



Thing is I was rather dreading this one too. Truth is my expectations for this season are rather low nowadays. My expectations in the 1980s for the show were much higher than anything this season could have achieved. I mean DW can boast about going anywhere, any time, any planet but then...it lands on planets such as this one...not that the set design isn't any good, it is.

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£45 Film Set For Cinema Release

Made and starring me of course!  Nah only joking, but British zombie flick Colin has struck a distrubution deal and is set to be screened all over the UK from October.  A topic for Hitchikers Guide To British Sci-Fi, maybe? 

Just goes to show that big budgets don't necessarily make good films.  I suppose  it makes the £3 million budget for Moon look a little extravagant!

Here's the story link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_west/8170551.stm

Trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkJZ3FlOWeM

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