July 2009

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HARRY POTTER 6 (spoilers)






I have to admit that I"m not a big Harry Potter fan. I can't get through the books, they sort of ramble on and on and detour to tangents, have too many characters, etc. I like the movies much better but only just. I took two family members, who love Harry Potter to this.

Visually the movie is wonderful. Action wise, there's more of it to recommend than not. It is also tense and scary and very, very upsetting in some scenes. It is a tear jerked IMO.

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The Cultdom Collective Podcast Updates

The Cultdom Collective Podcast Updates

This thread will be used to update everyboby on this Podcast.

For much more background and info on this new podcast checkout the shows blog:-

The Cultdom Chronicles at http://cultdom.com/

Twitter ID is @Cultdom :- http://twitter.com/Cultdom

First live podcast on Talkshoe - ID 54821 - is on Sunday 2nd August '09 at 3.30 pm EDT - that's 8.30 pm BST (in UK)

Cheers, iandave

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We.... Have.... Decided!

Hello Folks

Well the decision has been made, the podcast is called……

The Cultdom Collective

What does all this mean I hear you ask… oh you didn’t… well I’ll tell you anyway :)

There is a structure to this Kingdom we are building, as you may have noticed there are

several different appearances around the Internet, Our Blog, Twitter,  Facebook, and of course the Podcast.

Dave and I Decided to create separate names for these and they are as follows:

Go to The Cultdom Chroniles Blog to continue reading please... http://cultdom.com/

Cheers, Dave Ian

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Tegan and Turlough To Return For Big Finish

It seems everyone's favourite 'gob on legs' is to return to Doctor Who via the audio medium, which will be her first audio since 'The Gathering' (which was a solo 5th Doctor Adventure set in Tegan's future).  3 new stories will apparently take place during series 21.  It's a bit of a surprise as Janet Fielding as always resisted getting fully involved with Big Finish in the past and Mark Strickson has only done 3 BF's, but considering he lives down under, its understandable!


I'm sure everyone will think this is great news, I just hope they don't encounter any Daleks, BF are using them more than the new series recently!  Grrrr!

OCEAN GIRL season four

OCEAN GIRL season four

DEMONS season one

DEMONS season one

Ep1-They Bite

Being Human Season One



BEING HUMAN is just about the smartest idea for a TV series ever. When I first heard about it in some magazine, I thought, and there would be nothing wrong with this, that it was going to be a sitcom the likes of BEWITCHED, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, and others mixed with THREE'S COMPANY. It wasn't something I sought to watch. Then I actualy heard about the show on the previous forum.  Somebody, thankfully, told me it was really good and I recalled hearing about it in that magazine. 

The King's Demons

Sometimes a reassesment yields no differences from when you first viewed a story. This one is one of those times. Part one is fair enough. It sets up the situation admirably, the castle looks great, the joust exciting enough, the cold looks cold, and the TARDIS arrival is funny...right in the middle of the joust. 

Tegan and the Doctor seem to be jousting again but this time it seems fun and it also seems that these two would have been better on their own without being saddled with Turlough...and now the worst companion up to now, Kamelion. There's so many things wrong with Kamelion as a companion, I can't even begin to list them.

Tegan's back to complaining and wanting to get back to the TARDIS but who can blame her? It looks positively cold in this.

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There may be other features that will be disabled during this process until the root of the problem can be discovered and handled.

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