July 2009

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Ratings of the 4th Doctor's Episodes...

Chase had posted in the previous forums his ratings of Tom Baker's episodes. I find it to be very useful and insightful. So much in fact that I wanted to carry it on over to the new forums for further discussion.

I myself am still catching up on classic who and may have seen some of these only once or remember bits and pieces of episodes. Well, here are my ratings:

The City of Death - 9/10
This was the first full Tom Baker episode I've watch in my adult years. It was a great episode to rekindle my fondness for the doctor and it exemplified why the series was so fun. Tom's wittiness and humor really shine in this one.

The Armageddon Factor - 6/10

The Pirate Planet - 6/10

The Stones of Blood - 7/10

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Hoo On Who Episode 11 is online!

I review 'An Unearthly Child'.  PLEASE NOTE:  Due to technical difficulties while changing my RSS feed provider, you will need to resubscribe to the podcast on the NEW FEED.

http://hooonwho.libsyn.com/rss/Regular for the mp3 feed

http://hooonwho.libsyn.com/rss/Enhanced for the enhanced version


Also for iTunes users - you need to unsubscribe to the podcast and search for it again to find the correct version in the iTunes store.  Sorry for the mixup, and all the extra work!

Thanks everyone!


Torchwood Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper Mug


Torchwood Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper Mug

Torchwood Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper Mug


  • Spin-off from the popular Dr. Who series!
  • Start your day off with a morning cup of Torchwood!
  • Great for fans and collectors!
This release features the best and brightest characters from the BBC smash hit Torchwood. Mug features seasoned paranormal expert Captain Jack Harkness and 'new girl' Gwen Cooper. Perfect to wrap your hands around when you sitting down to watch Torchwood!This release is packaged in a stylish Torchwood gift box. A great treat for any fan of Torchwood!

This hugely popular Sci-Fi series took everyone by surprise! Following the Welsh branch of a covert agency called the Torchwood Institute, investigating extraterrestrial incidents on Earth and making household names of the motley crew of scientists and adventurers who's experience span both time and space. A cult classic from it's first airing!

Ken and Tony Lee

Ken and Tony Lee

Ken Deep (left) Tony Lee (Doctor Who: The Forgotten IDW comic) (right) dressing alike at Gallifrey 20, February 2009. (photo by Louis Trapani)

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After Who at the Cavern 3

After Who at the Cavern 3

Paul Wilson, Stewart (Dr Whoovie) Robertson, Colin (Abersoch) Bordley and Paul's pal (Tim Drury) at the Pub after Who at the Cavern 3 (Liverpool May 2008)



I tempted to say that this is the first truly GREAT Davison story, however I'm most partial to his first season and now that I've reassessed them, SNAKEDANCE, MAWDYRN, and a few others. This ep is particularly good, awesome in fact. Turlough gets more than a moment or two (in TERMINUS he made Tegan laugh at something he said and in this he laughs at something the Doctor says). Here, he's quite personalbe, likable, and gets sought after by a crewman in the old older man chases Adric routine. It all works so well. Janet Fielding is awesome in this,

Davison is in top form, we get a "Brave heart Tegan" during dinner. Yes, they eat. And her answer is, "It's not my heart I'm worried about."  He looks one way in a hall and goes the other way, something his Doctor has been doing for some time but here, it's just...better. His hair is very long in this story, possibly the longest it's ever been, giving him an almost Hartnell look.

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A message to the fanbase from Torchwood CoE Day Three writer, James Moran

I am sure no-one will object to my sharing this, he has asked for people who have read it to pass it around accordingly. With that said:

The Pen is Mightier Than The Spork: Stepping Back

Please, please take a few minutes to read it and pass it on. It outlines his thoughts and feelings regarding the feedback of CoE, from the fanbase.

Thank you.

Russell T Davies In-Route to America; Torchwood Future Uncertain

UK News is reporting Russell T Davies is leaving for America. The article is proclaiming uncertainty over the Doctor Who spin-off shows he had spearheaded with his relocating to Hollywood, CA. Russell T Davies says in the article:

"I haven’t planned anything, all my furniture is now there and I’m just going to start writing."

"It will take years to get anything made out there. It’s going to be difficult, so new and so brilliant. I will learn from people and bring it back here one day. It’s a big adventure and a lot of fun."

HHGtBSF must review Children of Earth!

Children of Earth should definitely be covered for the next HHG to British Sci-Fi!. ;)

This Week In Doctor Who - July 11, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
July 11, 2009 - Vol 12, No 28
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

The original test post of This Week In Doctor Who went out on July 13, 1998. Happy 11th to the column as of Monday.

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