July 2009

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STAR TREK'S Patrick Steward plays the hero. STephen Gallagher, I think the same one who wrote WARRIOR'S GATE and TERMINUS wrote the entire show---all four stories. If you watch this, with VERY little tweaking it could an Earth stranded Doctor as the hero. He is the scientific advisor to the miltiary. He has a female comp..I mean bodyguard and in this version she truly can protect him. And he's funny, a bit older, and...says stuff like, "I'm off to save the world again..."  I also don't think he likes guns. The stories could almost be UNIT stories. They are also real world stories about viruses and real science usually. A few of the four or maybe all four have been recreated for the now cancelled US version. This version is funny, serious, deadly, and great fun when you focus on the interaction between the two great leads. Don't miss it.



Again, I get the feeling that this might not be as bad as I remember. Still, just as I was forgetting the sore that Adric died...yeah I beat a dead Adric silly...they go and mention him twice. And play his music. AND if that's not bad enough, they have Tegan give away Adric's room! WTDF? There's plenty of other rooms in the TARDIS why does she have to give him that one? The writers or producers just don't care. In order to make things even worse than that, they have Turlough mention his disdain of children but declare all this stuff is going out for a start...out where? How dare they? If they can't mention Adric in an emotional vein then whey do it at all?     

This review is amazing! SPOILERS FOR DAY FIVE all over the place though

This guy is passionate! His review is amazing though. SPOILERS for all of SERIES 3 but especially for day FIVE.




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[SPOILERS!] Epi 5 'Day Five'


Totally absorbing!

They didn't cheat or shirk from a hard-bitten ending.

Full marks! TV SF at it's best


Cheers, daveac

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DWNY Torchwood: Children of Earth Viewing Party - NYC

Just a quick reminder to everyone that this Sunday - July 12th, DWNY will be presenting all 5 episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth in a Viewing Party at Professor Thom's - 219 2nd Ave, NYC.

We'll be starting at 3pm, and watching all 5 episodes with some short breaks between each episode. So, it will be a long day - but this has been a fantastic series so far, and it should be a lot of fun to watch this as a group!!

Hope you can make it! If you want more info, contact me at barnaby@dwny.org

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Live from .........

Resurrection of the classic Gallifreyan Embassy Forum section for show openings


The orginal movie by William Castle is a good movie, despite what some say. It has everything. A nice family moves into a house inherited by them from some uncle who used to do experiments to prove life after death. In many ways this movie is a precusor to the original DARK SHADOWS. It has a young blond daughter, a little boy, a strange maid, a mother and father and a huge haunted house with a bat...I know little more about this movie but it is the remake that I want to review...


In I believe 1971 or maybe a bit earlier, William Castle made a movie called LET'S KILL UNCLE. Castle made other movies before this, mostly in the horror genre. These include classic cult movies THE TINGLER, 13 GHOSTS (both versions of this are wondeful!), HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (only the first one is GREAT, the old old one), and others. Many of his movies had In-your-seat gimmicks, like flying skeletons in the movie house (HAUNTED) or tingling seats (TINGLER) or 3d glasses that made you see the ghosts (13 GHOSTS) but his later and possibly last movie was a strange bird.


uh spoilers for the comics!




Okay I posted before how I like ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BATMAN, etc and then they went and changed everything. I thougt, how awful is this going to be? I really wasn't sure but truth is that the storylines were sagging and the interesting thing for me was the interplay between the characters and the relationships, not the stupid plans of the Penquin or Two Face or whohave you. I really could care less about the villains if the heroes don't interest me.

So then they went and killed Batman, I think. It was hard to follow and I HATE it when they skip issues and put a storyline in five diffrent titles and don't tell you where those are going, only to release them later as a graphic novel so you have to buy that to get all the issues or hunt for back issues.

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