July 2009

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My dac100 YouTube site hi-jacked by aliens!

Help - my daveac YouTube site 'dac100' has been taken over by Aliens!

'We are Coming' is the message! They will land on Talkshoe on Sunday 2nd August at 3.30 pm EDT - their call ID is 54821

I'm determined to be there to see what they have to say - I hope you will too!

Their video signal was captured and can be watched here!


Cheers, daveac

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Forum rich text edit bug?

When I applied italics using the rich text editor to text with a colon, I got some span tags and non breaking spaces inserted in the post that would then cause the text to not wrap properly. I was able to manually fix this, but I thought it was weird, I didn't try saving the message first, so I do not know if it is only a preview issue, or whether those tags conflict with the site's template.



[SPOILERS!] Ep 4 'Day Four'

For those that have seen episode 4 - Day Four of Torchwood: Children of Earth, discuss it here. Beware there may be spoilers in this thread.


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Children of Earth DVDs in the wild?

There are some reports that a vendor sent out DVDs of Torchwood: Children of Earth out early and there are postings of spoilers circulating in the usual places. It will be interesting to see the fallout of this, if this is true.

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'Wet' Your Appetite for The Waters of Mars

Doctor Who: The Waters of MarsAmidst the unraveling of the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood: Children of Earth, the BBC has released more information on the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars.

The BBC Press Office has released information on their Autumn 2009 line up on BBC One, including Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars:


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Doctor Who Movie

The Guardian has a story on their website about the possibility of the new movie version of 'Doctor Who'. The speculation is that the news will be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con.


Here is a link to that story:



There are no details about the movie's plot in the article.

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The Waters of Mars (possible spoilers)



Digital spy has on its website a clip from the upcoming special 'Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars'.


Here is the link to that clip:



Also: Near the bottom of the page there is a preview video clip of the upcoming shows for the Autumn season on BBC.


PS: I forgot to mention that the Guardian has reported the name of the monster / creature for this story is called "The Flood"

Possible twist at the end of CoE

The introduction of the "Hitch-hiker" at the beginning of episode 1 and Gwen later mentioning to the your doctor that "anyone could be carrying one" seems like a bit of a set up.

II wouldn't put it past the writing team to reveal that Gwen's "baby" is actually a hitch-hiker alien. For one thing Clement's psychic ability might not register it as an alien, merely new life. And the scanner simply registered a new organism inside Gwen. Nothing specifically saying it was a gestating foetus.


Just a thought.


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Power of the Dalek Reflection

As with any life-threatening event, the process of regeneration is shown to have a traumatic effect on the first-time regenerated Timelord.  During regeneration, the Doctor's hearts are heard to resonate rapidly at first then slowly stabilize. After the Doctor recuperates he states, "it's over".  I believe, however, that the Doctor was a bit premature in making that statement.  Although his bodily structure had stabilized, the Doctor's mind still had miles to go to fully acclimate to his new body.

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