July 2009

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From the Beginning: The Second Doctor

Having just completed watching all the Hartnell episodes in order, I am progressing onto the Troughton Era. Last night I watched the first episode of the 'Power of the Daleks' (going to avoid Podshock 155 for a few days more).

I know even less about Troughton's Doctor than I did of Hartnel. Other than the multi-Doctor stories, I have only seen 'the Seeds of Death' and 'the Invasion" though I have read "Doctor Who and the Cybermen' (which is 'the moonbase') and ' The abominable Snowmen'. I am a little dissappointed to see that there are a lot less stories (21 versus Hartnells 30) but many more missing episodes. I guess,  Traughton's stories must be much longer than Hartnell's,since he only made 13 less episodes (counting their original runs only).

So probably another 5 months to watch all of these stories, sigh. Well it's a way of getting a 'new' Who fix in this 'gap' year. 

David Tennant to Star in St. Trinian's Sequel

David TennantAccording to an article by The Press Association, David Tennant has been cast as the villain "Pomfrey" in a sequel to the 2007 movie, St Trinian's. The article states that 27 year old, Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud singer) along with Tennant will be joining Rupert Evertt (who starred in the original film) and Colin Firth for this sequel named, St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold.

It also states that Tennant's character will have "sidekicks from a women-hating secret society."

Additionally, Montserrat Lombard of Ashes to Ashes will also be appearing in the film.


Sure everyone knows the basic story, maybe. Richard Kimble, a doctor falsely accused of murdering his wife, returning home one night from a drive in his car after a fight with his wife over his wanting to adopt children when they find out she can't have any...he nearly runs over a one armed man that he believes killed his wife Helen, who was prone to drinking and arguing with him after her miscarriage. On his drive and stop, Kimble saw a boy fishing in a rowboat who didn't see him.  Neighbors heard the couple arguing. THe one armed could not be found.

The train crashes with Kimble and Gerard handcuffed together, Gerard being the touch by the book law man sent to deliver him to death row state prison. Kimble escapes and runs to a nearby farmhouse, cuts himself loose and looks for the one armed man everywhere he does, only encountering him about three times in three seasons...while Gerard looks for Kimble.

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[SPOILERS!] Epi 1 'Day One'

No Spoiler from me BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

What a great start

And in a Welsh accent 'Looked lovely, it did' in HD

Cheers, daveac


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Children of Earth: SPOILERS!

Well, no spoilers yet from me but I thought that that was brilliant!

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How do you rate Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day One (5=fantastic)?

5 Weevils
74% (29 votes)
4 Weevils
18% (7 votes)
3 Weevils
5% (2 votes)
2 Weevils
0% (0 votes)
1 Weevil
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0 Weevils
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Total votes: 39
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Mini Series IS on BBC HD

Starting at 9PM - on BBC 1 and BBC HD Torchwood Mini Series

'Children of Earth'

On for 5 nights.

Just posting for UK viewers with HD - it is on BBC HD as well as BBC 1 tonight


NO - not gloating - I'm too nice to do that :-)


Cheers, daveac

Question about Comic Con San Diego

I"m sorry to ask this but I really don't know. The site for Comic Con San Diego states that all memberships are sold out. Does this mean that there will be no tickets sold ? does it mean that only the three day memberships or advance memberships are gone? Are there tickets at the door? or it that it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Arc of Infinity



Ther'es nothing terribly wrong here at least to me. One thing though: the Doctor looks like a total ass when Nyssa asks why the temporal grace thing doesn't work and he says "nobody's perfect."  Okay then, the death of the archeologist woman and of course Adric is a direct result of his being cavilier about something that could have saved their lives, made things much easier to have rescued Adric and the like. This means this Doctor is a jerk.

That aside, the two plots of Robin and Colin going into the crypt is tense and scary in a way except of course for that giant chicken monster thingie that shoots them. Some say the identity of the villain is revealed (well, not Omega, everyone that knew anything about the history of DW would know it was Omega, I mean the henchTimeLord) but I didn't guess it. Nyssa's okay I guess but not overly interesting. 

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Is there any possibility for Gallifreyan survival?

I realize that this question has surfaced and disappeared on multiple occasions, but is there any possibility for the Timelords, or Gallifrey to make a come-back?

I also realize that one of the major developments for the new Doctor Who series (2005 and on) has been the destruction of Gallifrey and its Timelords.  The fact that the Doctor has not violated any temporal laws by generating temporal paradoxes (thereby restoring Gallifrey to its former glory) tells me that the destruction of Gallifrey and all the Timelords is pretty permanent and I should just deal with it. 

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