July 2009

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I just rewatched this today along with some of TIME-FLIGHT. Guess which one I liked more. Anyway I guess I've mellowed on JOURNEY'S END because it wasn't as bad as I first thought on first viewing. IT was worse! NO, not really.

In fact, some of it is still pretty stupid. Sarah Jane giving up to Daleks who are about to exterminate her car...and her in it...without a weapon as she surrenders one moment and then the next she tells Jackie and Mickey to surrender, they won't kill you if don't have a gun on you is pretty stupid. Rose's end is still pretty lame and in a way I can see how the Doctor wants to do it but in another way, I jsut can't see Rose going for it or allowing it or the Doctor doing it. It's just...lame. The other thing is that RTD and Julie G keep seeing the Doc as the big sacrificer and that's true but come on. This is plain silly.

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Name's For A Podcast!


I Was Wondering If Any
Of You Can Help.

I Am Making A Podcast And I Need A Name For It

I Was Making A Podcast A While Back, But i Had Some Computer Problems

But Ive Got A New Laptop, So I'm Going To Try Again.

So Can You Help Me Think Of A Name!


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TIMEFLIGHT's monster turds reminded me of this movie which came out in maybe 2004 or so or maybe earlier. With a really snappy (and very very funny) theme song (reminding me of the original THE BLOB theme song), this movie is as schlock as one can get. It's about a giant mutant piece of turd that returns from below and wrecks havoc in a small town. You won't believe your eyes. It's the funnist piece of shit you'll ever see. I defy anyone to not laugh at at least some of this.

The same people are or were going to make something called THE RETAR-DEAD, offensive as that is.

This is not as bad as say JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE KILLER but comes close. That was not funny but MONSTURD is. ANd don't forget to listen to or download that killer funny theme song!    

TIMEFLIGHT(spoilers about Kalid)



I expected to hate this, still reeling from the death of Adric. I hated it back when I first saw it and may hate eps2 to 4 but I don't hate this first ep. I still hate the casual way the Doc is like, "Well I planned something to cheer us up,"  and "Adric wouldn't want us to mourn unnessaricly."  How the F would he know? If anything I think Adric would want them to remember him. Anyway the rest if well made, well filmed and feels like a modern day UNIT story, at least at the outset. Davison is again a Doctor in over his head and holds almost no weight or presence. He's kinda the lamest thing in the story thus far to be honest. I love Nyssa's "Doctor, you've done it again."  But I don't get the two girls going on about their stupid holiday when people are missing. Bloody selfish idiots.

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A Guide To UK Doctor Who Conventions

In response to Podshock 155, I thought it would be useful to list all upcoming conventions/signing events involving the world of Doctor Who in the UK.  Please feel free to post if you hear of any new events and i'll update it.


Regenerations - 19/20th September - Swansea.  Guests include Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Nick Courtney, Sir Derek Jacobi, Terry Molloy, Phil Collinson, Graeme Harper and many more. http://www.regenerationsswansea.co.uk/

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Video Release Information in Video Business

Video Business is a trade publication for producers and distributors of video product, primarily in the US.  It's a publication from the same people who publish Variety, the entertainment industry trade paper.  I used to work for a distributor, and I still get this electronically - it's always interesting to read to see what the trends are.  And sometimes there's cool stuff too!  Here's an announcement about "The Next Doctor."


I'll let you know if I find anything else of interest.

THE TIME TUNNEL-The Last Patrol, Crack of Doom



Writers-Bob & Wanda Duncan

Dir-Sobey Martin

Music-Lyn Murray


VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-the later episodes



What I'm looking from the change of guard...

1. A lot less earth bound stories. We have Torchwood for that now, thank you.

2. No Daleks for a few years. They should be an "event" story. For a race that has been wiped out at least 3 times they show up a hell of a lot.

3. No more "Petes world" Cybermen. Bring back the Telos/Mondas Cybers.

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