July 2009

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Adric bio update



Benny Glory Days CD (spoilers)

Okay, never been a big Benny fan. I collected all the older novels, a few short story collections, and loved her in the audios where she appears with the 7th Doctor and Ace (there are not that many audios where the trio come together). I collected some of her audios when an old monster appeared but to be honest I always found that gimmicky and never liked her habit of  drinking. I did like her sarcasm. And the fact that she might be the only companion to have bedded the Doctor (the 8th before you go and throw up).

Anyway SEASON NINE was wonderful and giving Benny a son, played by a marvelous child voice actor, was a stroke of genius. It gives her such a new POV. I don't even mind her drinking now as she does it away from the boy. And her quips and attitude are just a hoot. GET SEASON NINE now, it's great.

STAR TREK: Odyssey

I am not sure which ep of this fan made series this was but I"m always amazed by these fan made series. They look better than I expect and they are really quite entertaining. The best one I've ever seen, detailing Kirk's nephew marrying another man, was, aside from that great development, just like watching a really good ep of the origina Trek, down to the music, effects, sets, and sound effects as well as the acting. It's amazing and if I can track that down again and watch it again and recall it's name I'll review that but there's not much more to say than I loved it! I wish they'd finish it. I understand that time is a problem as fans make it in their spare time, film it and then others have to CSI it. It is worth the wait if it ever gets finished.

Babylon 5--Mind War, By Any Means Necessary

last night the sci fi group I belong to viewed these two episodes. Let me start by saying I enjoyed both of them a great deal. I also have to say that I hated Babylon 5 in its original run. I just thought it was boring, too political, and tedious with characters that I could not relate to. I may have been wrong judging by these two episodes. There was always one I missed that I wanted to see in which an alien couple refuses to allow their son to be treated by the doctor due to religious reasons.

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155

"Life depends on change, and renewal."

Outpost Gallifrey Presents:
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155
Running Time: 1:32:48

Review of the first Patrick Troughton story, Power of the Daleks, news, Mike Doran joins us for a Who Party 14 Toronto Report, and feedback including a review of Prisoner of the Daleks by Dave (Skaroth), and feedback (Jordan, Steve Lee, Samantha (Romana II), and Companion2B (Sarah)).

Doctor Whoovie's picture

Podshocker's after Who at the Cavern 3

Podshocker's after Who at the Cavern 3

Paul Wilson, James Naughton, Colin (Abersoch) Bordley and Paul's friend (Tim Drury) down the pub after Who at the Cavern 3 (May 4th 2008)

Rocko at OmegaCon Birmingham 2008

Rocko at OmegaCon Birmingham 2008

Rocko at OmegaCon Birmingham 2008 wearing his Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy shirt

Rocko at Dragon*Con 2007

Rocko at Dragon*Con 2007

Rocko wearing his Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy shirt at Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, GA.

Gallifreyan Embassy Courier Pouch

Gallifreyan Embassy Courier Pouch

Toss a kids' size Gallifreyan Embassy shirt with a canvas bag and a sewing machine, and what do you get? By constantirritant

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