July 2009

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Sean and Family with Liberty

Sean and Family with Liberty

Sean Huxter in the Podshock Shirt with family at Statue of Liberty

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Wow.  Thanks to Combon (http://lifetheuniverseandcombom.blogspot.com/) I've just seen the DOCTOR IN DISTRESS video for the first time.  I'd heard about this awful song but never actually heard it.  Wotta train wreck.  Was that flippin' JUSTIN HAYWARD in there at one point?  Talk about people who should know better!

I'm sure other folks here have heard/seen this before so the pain is less raw ... please let me know that I will eventually recover ...

This Week In Doctor Who - July 3/4, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
July 3/4, 2009 - Vol 12, No 27
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

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The Sonic Newsdriver Returns for the 3rd of July 2009

The Sonic Newsdriver PodcastDoctor Who: Podshock co-host, Louis Trapani has returned to the Sonic Newsdriver podcast (selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically) after a 'hiatus' to work on this website (the 3.0 regeneration). Now that the bulk of the work of the new website facelift is behind us, there is now a new edition of the Sonic Newsdriver podcast. Right click the link below to download.

For details on this episode and links to subscribe via iTunes and podcast feed or to listen online see go to Sonic Newsdriver (3 July 2009) (ATP website)

Interviewing Peter Davison (2008) 2

Interviewing Peter Davison (2008) 2

Ken Deep (left) and Louis Trapani (right) interviewing Peter Davison (middle) in November 2008 for Doctor Who: Podshock

Interviewing Peter Davison (2008) 1

Interviewing Peter Davison (2008) 1

Ken Deep (left) and Louis Trapani (right) interviewing Peter Davison (middle) in November 2008 for Doctor Who: Podshock. Photo by Billy Davis

The Doctor's Personality

I justs started watching Doctor Who During David Tennant's. My first episode was The sound of drums, I became an instant fa. I looked around for older episodes to watch but I could only get my hands on David Tennant's seasons. I wonder, how does The Doctor generaly act? What extra did David bring to the role? I was wondering because I don't want to be suprised or mislead when I start watcing the new season.

Tom Baker is back as the Doctor!!!!!

Did someone already post this? If so, WHY NOT? THE best actor to play the Doctor, the BEST Doctor is back. Unfortunately the stories are by Paul Magrs who is a bit hit and miss in his past stories. There will be five full casted linked stories with Tom as the 4th Doctor! WTF!? It will be on CD in September or rather the first one will be as he fights an enemy of horrific intent and powerful magntitude. WOW! 

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Twilight Zone Marathon (Sci-Fi channel - US)

I don't know how many of you have noticed this but the annual 4th of July Twilight Zone Mararhon has started earlier than usual this year. As I'm writing this they have already been airing for a couple of hours.

But there is something new this year. The Sci-Fi channel has included the '80's version of the show with the classic (the classic episodes begin airing tommorrow) so if you haven't seen the versions from the 1980's now is a good chance to see them.

Accordong to Sci-fi channel's schedule the last episode that they will air will be at 5;30 AM on sunday morning - That's when the marathon stops.

 (Don't forget that the station breaks with infomercials during the 6:00 to 8:00 (9:00 on saturday) time period).


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