July 2009

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Eureka--Your Face Or Mine

I have to admit Eureka should be funny, hilarious, and really quite exciting. It has an okay cast, a great lead, and a fantastic premise. Unforunately it never grabbed me and I think it is the individual episodes that just...IMO...suck. I sort of liked it in the middle of season one and at the very end and then some of it seemed to be a downer with one major character or two vanishing... and every other time I tuned in...admittedly not much in season two...the plots never seemed to live up to the premise and the scenes never really grabbed me. Tonight's episode is really just more of the same for me. Carter takes a test that's amusing, I guess. Then we have Lupo undergoing a DNA experiement which goes wrong..sabotaged by a girl who wants her life and substitutes herself for the deputy. We've seen all of this before in hundreds of other shows and done much better and played for more laughs.

Babylon 5-The War Prayer

This first season episode continues the "problems of the day" type stories and this one is not too bad. Ivanova reunites with a man from her past who turns out to be the leader of a group of "for Earth people" only who are using shadow like tech to attack aliens on Babylon 5, Mars, and I believe Jupiter. In the meantime, Londo gets to be amusing as he refers to his three wives (Famine, Pestilence, and Death I believe) and he truly shines in this sub plot about two young people who want to get married to each other and not the pre ordained spouses they are go be wed to. Londo also seems to get some humanity in this episode. Interesting to note that his alien pal has fangs that are quite pronounced. The other plot, about the group being infiltrated by the commander and Ivanova, is less believable, a bit less MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and more GET SMART. I mean he fell for it quite easily.

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Big Trouble in Little China (Weng Chiang inspired?)

After rewatching The Talons of Weng Chiang I couldn't help but notice some
similarities with Big Trouble in Little China by John Carpenter.

1. Chinese Mysticism
2. Fair use of underground tunnels and passageways
3. Lead baddy must apease Chinese god/diety with 2 girls!

Maybe these are just coincidences, but I think TOWC could've easily been
inspiration for Carpenter.

The Angel of Scutari (Spoilers)






parts one-two

Doctor Who News Among the Torchwood News in the Sonic Newsdriver

The Sonic Newsdriver 20090717
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Friday the 17th of July 2009

In this episode: Mars is the Place to Be, Torchwood Week in America, Russell T Davis is Coming to America, Look Closely at the Torchwood Ratings, One of These Days Alice, A Fabulous Idea, McCoy Lends His Support, Doctor Who: Podshock 156 Coming Soon, and Get Your Sonic Gear, plus more!

Hosted by Louis Trapani

IDW Doctor Who ongoing comic number 1: SILVER SCREEN

This issue, the first in an ongoing comic of DW (as if we need another one) was actually VERY VERY good. I was pleasantly surprised. It even made David Tennant's Doctor seem fresh and funny and had a large drollop of history and 1920s Hollywood involved. I suppose I could go on and sigh about how NO Doctor Who spin off with David's Doctor can be a pure historical at all, ever, ever but no, for here, the history is woven in clever, what little accuracy there is I haven't checked, nor do I know but it's a nice setting. Of course, there has to be aliens involved but here they are unobstrusive as aliens and even look like human beings so that's nice because to have the alien sci fi stuff overtake the rest of the setting and the story would not work for me. The plot is a good one, well done and the Doctor finds himself using many psuedonyms, for what reason I do not know, he was just being stupid but it doesn't matter, even that can't spoil this.

WIRN DAWN (spoilers)

WIRN DAWN spoilers













Have we a start date?

I know filming is or has happened.  But has anyone heard when SJA is returning to the screens?  I do assume it's before Christmas, as Doctor #10 makes an appearance (rumor?  fact? not sure). 

The Stealers from Saiph (spoilers)

This Big Finish audio read by Mary Tamm is pretty good. It's setting is in the 1920s in France, I think. It moves fairly slow at first but picks up pace well. There are plenty of characters in it but only one or two stand out at first but then they all do, sort of. One gets the idea that if this was a TV episode, it would be SOOO much better. Imagination usually plays into key here and makes the stories better but this would be better if presented as a TV story or a movie. As I've said before, despite cheesy sets and badly presented monster outfits, DOCTOR WHO, the original, is really a visual concept and it is to Big Finish's credit that they have had mostly good stories and a lot of success. The story picks up in pace as a slimy, digusting monster, a parasite seesm to be in place. I may not have been paying attention a great deal but it has some plan and can control people. As this is really a Romana story, the Tom Baker Doctor doesn't do very much but come to the rescue.

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