August 2009

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Doctor Who: Podshock Clock

Doctor Who: Podshock Clock

A Doctor Who: Podshock time machine! Or if you like, a clock. One of the many new items now available at the Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop.

Doctor Who: Podshock Shirt

Doctor Who: Podshock Shirt

A black Doctor Who: Podshock shirt, one of the many new items at the Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop

The (un) Happiness Patrol


Good God. What the hell was that? Okay I can understand the production team wanting to tell morality plays and social commentaries but can't they do so with some modicum of talent, set, good dialog, serious make up, location work, and good acting? Almost everyone, except for the Doc and Ace, are way over the top and/or not really explained or introduced or whatever. It's almost as if things are just thrown at us with explanations later...many of them over the top and on top of that the story is just...WRONG.

Something feels wrong. Okay the Doc and Ace step in, render judgement and are going to bring down the house, the madness of a ruling woman who kills unhappy people. It's another rebel story's poor.

Matt Smith Comes to America

Matt Smith and Karen GilanBBC America announces the U.S. premiere of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. 

On the heels of returning from San Diego Comic Con where BBC America saw a strong reception to its Doctor Who programming and panels (including appearing in person, David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Russell T Davies), and with the strong ratings that the recent airing of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead brought in, BBC America has announced the acquisition of 13 episodes of the new upcoming Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor series. The new series shot in HD will be shown on BBC America shortly after the UK in the second quarter of 2010.

Torchwood and Doctor Who Brings Best Week Ever to BBC America

TorchwoodBBC America has reported that the week of July 20, 2009 was their best week ever in terms of ratings due to Torchwood and Doctor Who premiering that week in the US. 

The channel's most successful series ever, Torchwood: Children of Earth reached 3.3m with an average audience of 705,000 viewers per episode. The finale on Friday of that week seeing 807,000 viewers, the largest average audience in history for BBC America

Also performing strongly was Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead with 657,000 viewers.

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The Company of Friends (some spoilers)

Benny's Story is the first audio on the disks. Let's just say that I love Benny now. I wasn't always her biggest fan but the way she comes to life on the audios and having her be a mum is just...brilliant. Inspired putting her with the straight laced 8th Doctor. She has real sarcacstic but well meaning wit, dry humor and a history that combines all of that together to give us splendid lines that cause me to laugh out loud...loudly. Only Benny can pull this off and this actress can only pull this off this way as Benny. She's great, both the actress and the character. Mix well with the 8th Doctor's shoot from the hip and you have a great adventure but the kick is this: the plot is wholly original at least that I know of: a woman wants to free the TARDISes whom she sees as a life form and a species...from the Time Lord slavery oppression!

TRUE BLOOD (spoilers)

I've waited to see when this show would hit its stride and develop a formula but I realized that it hit its stride on day one and never stopped hitting strides and that it would never develop a formula. The show twists and turns and is so unpredictable, one can never tell what is going to happen.

Of course, my favorite character is Godrick but being the peaceful and all powerful, unity causing vampire who wants peace between humans and vampires and wants to have humans considered their equals, he's probably slated to die either this week or next week. Characters I like tend to die and never come back.

MERLIN season one

Season One


Oh my God. If any show deserves to not be cancelled it is this one. Everything is perfect: the characters, the actors, the casting, the music, the cinematography, the setting, the scripts, the dialog, the charm, the action, the guest stars, the music, THE MUSIC! WOW!

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