August 2009

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Dragonfire 1


Wow. Wow. That has to be the single worst episode of DW up to this point and that's saying a lot. The villain's boring in look and desire; his aides are dull and over the top at the same time; there's yet another complicated and totally unbeliveable backstory in there somewhere but not yet revealed; the villain's powers are as yet ill defined; the dialog is awful, the sets are not even adequate  this time out; the music is okay I guess; and Mel and Ace have to be the worst two companions in one story. All this and Glitz too. Glitz drops his map and the Doctor swings his umbrella in a badly staged scene.

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Postcards From America

The BBC Press Office reports that David Tennant is doing a segment on the "Jamie Owen And Louise Ellioit Show" (from BBC Radio Wales) The 'Postcards' segment begins today (August 7).


Today's segment is about David's "Robbie Williams" experience of being mobbed at a fantasy convetion.


The show itself is 180 minutes long and I don't know where in the show the segment is but here is a link to the episode (using BBC iPlayer):


I cannot use it because (for some unknown reason) it keeps resetting my DSL modem but, if you can use it  - Enjoy!




WHOOPS! I forgot to post the story from the BBC Press office - the source of the story. Here it is:

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 158

"The Time Lords are an immensely civilised race. We can control our own environment - we can live forever, barring accidents and we have the secret of space/time travel."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 158
Running Time: 1:25:16

Coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2009, Dragon*Con, The War Games reviewed, Adric the Cricket, and more..

Hosted by Louis Trapani, James Naughton and Ken Deep, with Tara Wheeler.

Selected Doctor Who News Delivered Sonically for the 6th of August

The Sonic Newsdriver 20090806
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Thursday the 6th of August 2009

In this episode: New Threads for 11, New TARDIS Too, No Spoilers, Revealed: John Simm and Timothy Dalton, Waters of Mars Trailer, San Diego Comic Con, Exclusive Figures Announced, Actor Harry Towb Dies, John Barrowman Made it Through, What's The Big Chill?, Doctor Who: Podshock 158 Coming Soon, and Get Your Sonic Gear, plus more!

Hosted by Louis Trapani

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Dancing TARDIS, Par for the Course at Gallifrey

This video came my way courtesy of our own Tara Wheeler who is actually in this video. No, she is not the one dancing, nor is that her TARDIS which is dancing, but she and her TARDIS are there nonetheless. She quickly takes to safety in her TARDIS when the dancing one enters the room at Gallifrey 20 (February 2009). I know that is what I would had done as well.

Daleks Fear Me: The Matt Smith Interview

You must go to YOU TUBE and find DALEKS FEAR ME channel and find his MATT SMITH INTERVIEW --it's a spoof and it's very very funny

Pointless Plot

Has anyone seen this video on the TARDIS NEWSROOM? It's very very funny

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Doctor Who: 200 Golden Moments

DW Magazine's "Doctor Who: 200 Golden Moments"

I picked it up a month ago or so, and I've found it to be utterly awesome.
As a person that has been obsessed with DW since this past winter, it has
been a great resource. It has great short sum-ups of all of the Doctor's
stories and acts as a reference guide too. Anyone else pick this up and
dig as much as myself?

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