August 2009

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the promo ads for Doc Ten

The first thing was the promo at the end of CHRISTMAS INVASION: it was great with lines such as "Allow me to introduce her Majesty Queen Victoria"  and "Let me introduce Miss Sarah Jane Smith" and "K9!!!!"  Mickey steering what looked like a pirate ship, the Doctor firing a fire extinguisher, Rose kissing the Doc! (that one will be good right?) and the start,"Where are we going?"  "Further then we've ever gone before!"  Rose running from what looked like a fire or a ray blast. Alien clock work robots. A werewolf. Monks. What appeared to be Giles from Buffy as THE MASTER! Wouldn't he have been a great Master!!!! Then more running and finally "Bullets won't stop it!" And a Cyberman turns around at us! WOW! Amazing. Just amazing and really gets one ready to want to see those stories.

The second promo I can recall was: well, none for the second season really but I'm sure there were some.

The promo ads

Someone knew what they were doing when publicizing the new DOCTOR WHO for 2005. RTD also knew what he was doing with the stories: if the stories are good and the overall arc was good, the promos could be great and they were. The overall arc of Rose/Doctor love was played up for the promos if not every story and all the complications that could arise from that. This was when the show had some thought, some merit, some real emotional connection beyond the next special or gimmick:

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First Memories and a Reminder

While listening to TARDIS Tara’s semi-live Comic-Con reports Podshock Episode 157, and reading and hearing various other reports on the Doctor Who panel, one comment really stood out in my mind. That was Julie Gardner’s comment on what made her fall in love with Doctor Who. She reported that the first story that Russell showed her when they started work on the series was the Season 17 story “City of Death”, and from that moment she said she has been a confirmed fan.

Paradise Towers



In my search for my new worst DW I have but one question (for now): can watching too much DW rot your brain?

Anyway, I guess I'm more tolerant of bad DW now. This wasn't THAT bad but it was bad mind you. Why?

Mel running away, doesn't realize the Doc fell...I think in front of her. Then she goes and has a snack with two old ladies who...don't seem quite right in the head from the second they appear...but they do cut her loose and she does need some info to continue, and they give her some. Not sure how long ago the young people were abandoned but almost every criticism of this story gives us the idea that the Kangs are too old and played by actresses who are too old. I am not sure I agree. I do agree that they, and almost everyone else in this story, acts retarded or more eccentric than the Doctor...and that's a problem...I think. It used to be but perhaps as in all DW, there's room for every kind of story and tone.

John Barrowman Made it Through to 14

The ever diverse, John Barrowman has hit number 14 in the UK charts for his Barry Manilow cover of "I Made It Through the Rain." The 1980 Manilow ballad is covered on John Barrowman's 2008 album, Music Music Music produced by Simon Franglen and Graham Stack. One of twelve tracks on the album.

Music Music Music is available as an import from Amazon (US). Or domestically in the Amazon UK store: Music Music Music

See below to preview the song courtesy of YouTube. Note: The song ends at around 4:24, the rest is silence for some reason.

Chicago Comic-con

i will be attending the chicago comic con this saterday, aug 8th. I will be bringing the camera, if i see anything dr who, i will take lots of pics.  i looked at the guest list and exibit booths and didnt see anything that is dr who related, but you never know, right?  i did see tonner dolls on the list and they have the david tennant and freema agyeman dolls. i am hoping to pick one up if they are released yet.


OMG! I finally made it through TRIAL. I made it to...THIS! DW survived mismanagement, Eric Saward (who left and left without giving permission to use his already written TRIAL ending, making their be something like three or four endings to this TRIAL), the UNFAIR sacking of Colin, a completely or halfwayly awful season, a slow season before that, its stars appearing in unrelated (to DW) stage plays (Not the ULT ADVENTURE but stuff like Peter Pan?), publicity photos of Colin and Nicola dancing, a cancellation (it was cancelled the first time because sets for another show were not built in time--that's the real reason it was cancelled but then as it was, the BBC folks felt not that enthused about the show and can you blame them? The pace of TWO DOCTORS, not to mention part two of both ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN and TIMELASH were really awful), and unfortunately the death of Robert Holmes.  

Aliens in the Attic

This very cute sci fi Disney like, Nickolodeon like adventure is great for the kids and I'd bet even the teens will like this. It has a likable cast including the lead kid who played in SURFACE (another story and another good sci fi show that should have had a longer life). I think his name is Carter Jenkins. Austin Butler (highly watchable and personable) and Ashley Tisdale also appear. Doris Roberts (Ray's mom from EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND) is a butt kicking granny with ninja moves (it is explained in the movie and is very funny) . Aliens land in the uhm, attic and fun, danger, and adventure ensue. It's a good movie and has a great deal of action and funny set pieces to keep everyone laughing and on the seats. I don't know how the reviews for the movie are or what the ratings are or how much money it's making but the kids I had with me loved it and everyone in the movie seemed to like it.

SPOILERS as *&^! Returns, does anyone mind if I quietly...

...go off in a corner someplace and cry. I just reflected on the fact that John Sim is returning as the Master. I'm deeply saddened. No, just kidding but yeah, alittle.

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