August 2009

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Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 160

"On this planet there is a saying, that it is never too late."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 160
Running Time: 1:29:03

Composers Dominic Glynn and Danny Stewart interviewed, Spearhead from Space reviewed, news, and more.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, James Naughton and Ken Deep.

Doctor Who: Podshock 160 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 160 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 160 cover art


I have to admit that I wasn't totally happy with the Sixth Doctor audio JUBILEE. It seemed to be saddled with a time twisty sub plot about if I recall correctly, the Doctor losing his legs or arms or some such grim dilemma that the writers of DW spinoffs and NEW dw feel has to be inflicted on us to make sure we know that this is high drama and evil stuff happens. It also had Evelyn who, despite being the best audio companion for audio, wasn't really suited to this adventure. There was also a sub plot about the Daleks invading and a tyrannical all didn't really jell together despite some atmospheric stuff with the Dalek being tortured, imprisoned and using Evelyn's wasn't the most memorable audio but not terrible either...

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Doctor Who's Greatest Moments

BBC3 recently aired a special on Doctor Who. It's entitled 'Doctor Who's Greatest Moments: The Doctor" I found it on YouTube. It is in five parts. The focus of the show is the ninth and tenth Doctor - moreso the tenth. Here is the link to part one:


Then here is the link to the next part:


Part three:


Part four:


Part five:


Hanging with Amy

Hanging with Amy

Left to right: James Naughton, Amy Krell, Ken Deep, and Louis Trapani at Gallifrey 20, Los Angeles, CA. Doctor Who: Podshock at Gallifrey 2009.

Photo courtesy Joshua Lou Friedman

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Classic Pertwee-as-celebrity moment

No idea how to imbed YouTube videos in this new forum, or even how to execute a simple link. Hope you can cut and paste into your browser. You'll enjoy a classic Noel Edmonds/Jon Pertwee moment that has nothing to do with "Dimensions in Time".

The preview is showing me a much earlier version of this post which has nothing to do with what I've currently written. Very frustrating use of 30 minutes for a simple post. Maybe it'll turn out okay when I save instead of preview, as I think I've followed the instructions.

John Levene Podshocking

John Levene Podshocking

Left to right: James Naughton, John Levene (Sgt. Benton), Joshua Lou Friedman, Ken Deep, and Louis Trapani at Gallifrey 20, Los Angeles, CA. Doctor Who: Podshock interviews John Levene.

Photo courtesy Joshua Lou Friedman

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Doctor Who Exit Interview: David Tennant + Russell T. Davies, with Richard Metzger (BB Video)

Feel free to delete and/or move if this has been posted somewhere else already or should be in a different forum.


Today in Boing Boing Video: David Tennant and Russell T. Davies of Doctor Who, interviewed by BB guest host Richard Metzger of Dangerous Minds. Richard is a *very* knowledgeable Doctor Who trufan, so the resulting conversation -- which we're presenting here in extended 20-minute form -- is deep and comprehensive, with lots for hardcore Doctor Who junkies to love. Recently, both Russell and David left the show, and this amounts to the definitive "exit interview." Let the fangasms commence.


Well it's not really a world war just the near start of one, innit. Anyway the relationships between the Doctor, Rose, Jackie, and Mickey comes to a head in this and THIS is why I love this episode. In this story and many others, RTD knows how to involve the audience with the characters even if the alien plots are...leaving one having to suspend disbelief...but for most of DW we have to do that anyway. I can even accept the Doctor knows UNIT passwords and that Mickey can access them and even the missile firing as long as the characters care about each other and show that.


Good God, I love this episode. I have to admit that when I heard what was going to happen in it, I thought: oh my gosh, this is going to suck so expectations were low. And okay, you have to look past the poor pig mask, the death of pig (poor thing!), and the farting but even those don't detract from it for me.

I rather like that this Doctor is still a bit...anti human. It all fits. I love his scenes with Rose, Jackie, Mickey and yeah, he's harsh on Mickey but not as harsh as in the next episode. I love seeing Mickey and Jackie again and FINALLY seeing some repercussions of the Doctor taking his lo...I mean his companions off the earth and out of their time. It just works thanks to over 40 years of never facing up to that. Mickey runs into a wall. How funny is that.

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