August 2009

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The Doctor in Dreamland

The first peek at the Doctor as he appears in the animated Dreamland six-part animated adventure to be broadcast this Autumn on the BBC Red Button and Doctor Who website. It stars David Tennant voicing the 10th Doctor, with Georgia Moffat, and David Warner

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Rose picks going into the future (hiding something about the past? is she?) and the Doc takes her to the most far flung time but not place: the end of the Earth. RTD decides to show far flung aliens and monsters and spacestations and robots or die by that. And it lives. Just. The aliens appear one by one in a fast minute and frankly, most of them look great. The Moxx is as embarassing as Sil and Lady Cassandra is this show's Rani. She's an embarassment. Delighted that by her treachery and for his misdeeds, she is killed off and the Doc allows it. That leaves NO room for a return or a sequel featuring this un-fun skin trampoline. Thank you, RTD. Not.

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DWNY Presents Gary Russell with his own Mug

We had the privilege of sitting down with Gary Russell for an indepth interview before joining the DWNY Meet Up on Wednesday, the 19th of August 2009 at the Peculier Pub in Manhattan. It was there that Gary was finally presented with his own DWNY mug. Look forward to our interview with Gary Russell in future episodes of Doctor Who: Podshock. In the meantime, here is a video of Gary being presented with his own DWNY mug (dark grainy video shot in the pub using an iPhone 3GS).


The thing to notice about ROSE, having watched it right after GHOST LIGHT, CURSE OF FERNRIC, SURVIVAL and THE TV MOVIE, and bypassing a lot of junky spinoffs and crap (PROBE, AUTON, WRATH OF EUKOR) is that there is so much right with ROSE and that this is the way to bring back DOCTOR WHO and to do DOCTOR WHO. It's not only the way to bring back the classic series but to add layers to it that the series didn't do but should have. Rose, Jackie, and Mickey are real characters, real people and who all care about each other. Rose has a life and even though Grace did in THE TV MOVIE, what we found out about her was minimal and we didn't meet her family or even the boyfriend Brian who abandoned her for very long and...he, well, abandoned her. We find out Grace's co workers think she's a bit loony and we see her fail at her job...of course, it's not really her fault.

The First Season but which one?

It has a cranky, disconnected Doctor who kicks people out of his ship. It has three companions, one male who is at odds with the Doctor and he with him, almost as if it's a pissing contest to see who is smarter or more attractive to the ladies; and it introduces a select few to what a Dalek is. It has three companions, two of them female, one younger than the other, one male who doesn't like the Doctor at first. It has monsters or rather aliens in skin suits, looking very much like rubber, who kill people. It has a Doctor cut off from his own people, something's bothering him. It has flying spaceships and historical figures. Why it's the first season...but which first season?       

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BBC to air 'greatest moments' of new 'Who'

Digital Spy

The BBC has announced a new series of the "greatest moments" of Doctor Who since the programme was relaunched in 2005.


Cheers, daveac

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My Blog/book

I have started to publish some of a book I've written in the form of a blog. I hope, Louis, that you don't mind my plugging it here. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.




Production Number: (26th)


First Aired: 4-20-69 (26th)

Writer: Arthur Weiss, William Welch

Director: Sobey Martin

LAND OF THE GIANTS-Rescue, Sabotage, Shell Game,



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