August 2009

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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Hail to the Chief, The Last Battle, Mutiny,





DIR-GERD OSWALD (who also directed many OUTER LIMITS)


LOST IN SPACE--The Raft, One of Our Dogs Is Missing





NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left Penny and Will Robinson watching from the safety of the Jupiter II as the final moments of a space experiment ticked off, an experiment that Will Robinson hoped might save them all.

LAND OF THE GIANTS-Brainwash, The Bounty Hunter, On a Clear Night You Can See The Earth, Deadly Lodestone








I must admit I hated the previous Sara Kingdom audio HOME TRUTHS. It was glum, grim, and frankly boring and other than the depressing framework, I can't remember a single thing about the flashback adventure. HOME TRUTHS and THE DROWNED WORLD both have a framing story that seems to be a sequel to SHORT TRIPS: COMPANIONS' short story THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, a Christmas story and which is referenced in this. Frankly, I found it too, dull, depressing, and unnecessary dealing with a boy who dies of leukemia.

Survival (and well, spoilers for the cliffhanger)


Well hey there's a LAND OF THE GIANTS annual at the shop and I love that show. Anyway it has something in common in that like most of the series and this series, the last story was not the last story made but the last one aired.

Anyway, this is one great episode and for once, it makes a lot of sense and has action and feels modern. McCoy does a great job and here he feels very ALIEN in a way the Doctor hasn't since Tom Baker left. Even Ace is spot on and not annoying, which, having been back in Perivale for this story, I would have thought she'd be even more annoying. The Cheetah people are a great idea but I'm not too sure about the costumes. They seem okay when not focused on or in great use in close ups or lingered on. Then they sort of...well, they're not terribly convincing. 

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The Saga of Gary Russell and his DWNY Mug!

So on listening to Doctor Who: Podshock episode 159, the story was once again told of Gary Russell and his DWNY mug! Or rather the lack thereof! And I feel compelled to set the record straight! And where better than my blog on this very website!

I started running the Doctor Who New York (DWNY) group (on the web at last year, taking it over from a very dear friend who had built up the group since its inception in 2005, but for whom work was starting to take up too much time to keep it all going. Prior to this "regeneration", Gary had joined us at one of our meetups – the viewing of the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned”. Before I took over, for those of you following along at home!

GI Joe (no spoilers)

Make no mistake, this is an action movie but what an action movie. There's something happening all the time and there are a great deal of character background stuff, meaning flashbacks but even those are action packed. Four major characters get detailed flashbacks and emotionality. The effects cannot be beat and there are sequences that better any James Bond movie, underwater movie, and action movie ever seen. There are many many characters though and the villains are nasty! Mean and nasty. I don't know much if anything about the GI Joe animated series or the comics but if they are anything like this. There are loads of character actors too and action actors including...and I don't know all their names but: Channing Tatem, Marlon Wayans, Brendan Frasier, Arnold Vosloo, Dennnis Quaid, Christopher Eccelston (yes our Chris and he's great), Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jonathan Pyrce (the Master!), and others. Whoever plays the Japanese villain is AMAZING.

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 159

"If they should break through, run as if something very nasty were after you, because something very nasty will be after you."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 159
Running Time: 1:42:49

Special all news and feedback show.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, James Naughton and Ken Deep.

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