August 2009

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Big FInish: The Scapegoats

Yeech. Awful. Avoid. Not funny at all but camp in the worst sense of the word and would fit in with TRIAL. There's one good scence with Lucy and the Doctor and that's at the end but other than that this is awful. It has goat people in Nazi France. Another cliched setting. Most of this has been done elsewhere and better. I guess it was supposed to be funny but wasn't and just because the cast had fun making it, doesn't mean the audience will have fun listening to it. I didn't. 

One more thing about this dreadful audio: it could not even get the number of times the Doctor changed. The 8th Doctor says he's changed 8 times but if you count only from the First Doctor changing to the second and onward, you get 7 changes. Unless they meant the First Doctor was not the First Doctor but some Other. 



Okay WTF? WTH? I'm still divided about this story and in the years 1989 to about 1999 or maybe later, I was of the opinion that this and CURSE OF FENRIC were about the two worst DW stories ever made, really stupid, morbid, incomprehensible, and immature with nothing of any value. Then I watched parts of GHOST LIGHT and read some more about it and FENRIC, watched all of FENRIC (in which all things were thrown in but the kitchen sink: Russian, Nazis, Vikings, vampires, the war, a curse, an ancient evil and the Doctor knowing something, a parallel universe timeline or something) and thought maybe they were not so bad.

Benny: Absence

Benny ABSENCE is darker than the other Benny stories around it. I have to admit that I've never been a big Benny fan from the novels and the audios haven't really been all that thrilling either...I sort of haven't even listened until season 8. And I must say whoever thought of adding Peter, a son who is now 13 and then in 9 and 10, older, in this fashion was a brilliant person. Not only is Benny funny in all the end of season 8 and the whole of 9 and 10 but the stories are brilliant, and different and funny and exciting and unpredictable. Peter and Benny, together or separated are great, whoever plays her son is amazing and she is just great in every scene. Absence sees Peter chosen to go on an expedition under a strange almost living planet composed of human and alien spaceships that have crashed into each other as its center! Benny is not chosen and she and Peter need the money to get off this strange planet.

Updated Introductory Video to our August 15th SL Meet Up

Once again, our good friend, Victor1st at the Doctor Who Experience (Katrina) on Second Life has created an updated introduction video for our Gallifreyan Embassy / Doctor Who: Podshock Meet Up taking place on Saturday, the 15th of August on Second Life.

For details see: Get a Life, A Second Life with the Gallifreyan Embassy and Doctor Who: Podshock

BATTLEFIELD, the review


I've had a lot of reevaluating of this story. I hated it when we first watched it at Gallifrean Embassy meeting when it first came out or was first broadcast in the year 1989 or 1990. In any event I told only one other person how much I hated it. I hated it for years. Then in the late 1990s I watched the video version with restored cut footage and I thought, that it was not that bad, it was okay with some poor parts and some good parts.

Doctor Who: Podshock - Aftershock 20090813

Doctor Who: Podshock
Running Time: 0:19:55

Join us for our next SL meet up, The War Games recap, 4th anniversary for the podcast, new podcast swag. Doctor Who: Podshock 159 is coming soon!

Hosted by Louis Trapani, with Eric Escamilla (AKA Bullitt33).

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Minnesota Doctor Who Groups...

There are a few groups that I have found so far.

The Minneapolis Doctor Who Meetup Group

They get together once a month to watch episodes at a pub and that's about it. Most people keep to themselves and not much socializing. Still fun to watch episodes on a fair sized screen every now and then while enjoying some Celtic/Brit cuisine.

Minnesota Doctor Who Mailing List (Formerly Minnesota Doctor Who Viewing Society)

This group gets together the first Thursday of every month I believe. A bunch of old school DW fans. Good geeking out and socializing.

Doctor Who Discussion Group

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