August 2009

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Doctor Who: Podshock Pillow

Doctor Who: Podshock Pillow

The official pillow for pillow fights while listening (or recording) Doctor Who: Podshock. One of many new items now available at the Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop.

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Series Five to air in the US on BBC America!

Digital Spy reports that BBC America has picked up series (season) five. Most of us in the US expected that when Sci-Fi (now SyFy) dropped the show from it's schedule, so it's no real surprise.

Anyway, here is the link to the story:


BTW: BBC America's web-site says the 5th series will air in spring - nothing more definite has been given.

Imaginary Friend

Go to and type in Imaginary Friend and find the full ten minute version under the site name  Dylancm4. This short movie is cute, sensitive, bittersweet, and highly creative. I'm sure you will relate to it and like it, even if you never had an imaginary friend. Highly recommended!

Which was (or will be) the first regeneration you experienced watching Doctor Who?

William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton
6% (5 votes)
Patrick Troughton to Jon Pertwee
1% (1 vote)
Jon Pertwee to Tom Baker
29% (23 votes)
Tom Baker to Peter Davison
39% (31 votes)
Peter Davison to Colin Baker
5% (4 votes)
Colin Baker to Sylvester McCoy
1% (1 vote)
Sylvester McCoy to Paul McGann
0% (0 votes)
Christopher Eccelston to David Tennant
16% (13 votes)
David Tennant to Matt Smith
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 80

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy


I'm tempted to say, well, it's not this, but truth is, it is. This story has always sat well with me as it's very good. It evokes some scares from clowns and ciruses and to be honest, it wrings it all out of it well. I've always had a love/hate relationship with circuses and zoos, mostly because I worry about how they treat the animals and because of what could happen there (such as fires and stampedes etc mostly culled from childhood memories of movies from the 50s and 40s that show this), illogically.

One thing I forgot to mention is that this ep and ep1 of SILVER NEMESIS is the sound quality. There are times when the Doc and Ace walk away from the camera and we can't really hear a lot of what they are saying. Similarly in SILVER, the witch and Rich walk toward us from afar and they are talking and we can hardly hear what they are saying. Unless it's just the copies I have (doubtful) the sound quality is poor!     

Long Island Meeting this Sunday August 16

Everyone is welcome to the next meeting of the Long Island Branch of UNIT, where we will be showing Torchwood: Children of Earth in its entirety. It will be at 2 PM on Sunday, August 16, 2009 at Bob Lenz's house in Commack. Please email me at for exact location!

Due to the content of these episodes, parental discretion is advised!

Hope to see you there!

Bill Kanas


Doctors 5,9,10 on Big Brother!

Go to and find the site belonging to DaleksFearMe and find the Big Brother spoof. Totally funny if a bit long. Spot on impersonations too

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Times Champion

Since this mentioned on a podshock a few months ago now.  I have been trying to track down a copy of this book.


Ebay auctions have come and gone and well they are to highly priced for me at the end prices, which go for over £40.  Sorry to say thats more than double my budget.


I am not trying to be a cheapskate but I am someone with an extremely low budget, due to the fact I am looking for work at the momment, and well there is not much about here.


If anyone is able to sell me a copy cheap, or perhaps know of an pdf etc (I hope I can say that, and please note that I am not trying to take money away from charity should another copy be sold on ebay for charity, as I would still look to attain a hard copy) then I would be most grateful.



Gallifreyan Embassy / Podshock Apparel Regenerated

Since we introduced the first Gallifreyan Embassy T-shirts back in 1986, they have been popular fashion wear at conventions, meet ups, special events, PBS pledge drives, and just everyday wear. These original shirts and buttons have been long unavailable until 2005, when with the launch of Doctor Who: Podshock, we re-introduced Gallifreyan Embassy / Podshock shirts again.

Like the Doctor and the Doctor Who series itself, the shirts and other related items have been refreshed or "regenerated" if you like. Much of the same basic design remains, just slightly updated. Items include all various style of shirts in various colours. Men and women, plus sizes, kids and toddlers alike shirts can be had now. In addition to shirts, there are sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, bibs, caps, bags, mugs, buttons, magnets, pet bowls, pillows, stickers, and more. Yes, even TIME MACHINES! Yep, time machines can be purchased as well, although most people use the term, 'clocks' -- they are still time machines. Plus more items. 

They are all available at the new Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop.

Doctor Who: Podshock Travel Mug

Doctor Who: Podshock Travel Mug

A Doctor Who: Podshock Ceramic Travel Mug, one of the many new items now available at the Gallifreyan Embassy Cafe Shop

New Doctor Who Podshock schwag

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