September 2009

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Dr Who end a 'brilliant send-off' [Slight Spoiler]

The final scenes in Doctor Who are a "brilliant send-off" for David Tennant, his co-star has said.

BBC Radio 'Newsbeat' item:-

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Whenever Daleks appear in Manhattan and on the Empire State Building things can't go well. I can't figure out why I hate this story so much but I absolutely loathe it. This part is not as bad as part two but still. It has a good cast, good "location work" and makes the feel of the depression and the time feel really real. The acting is not bad and I feel everyone does a great job even if Tallulah's accent is annoying, she s essentially likeable. Freema does a good job and keeps Martha real and her "You can't experiment on people--it isn't sane, it isn't human" is so heartfelt. The guests are very good with the exception of the foreman. The music is spot on.  Even the Empire State Building feels real.

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Elisabeth Sladen Interview - Digital Spy

Here's a link to an interview with Elisabeth Sladen on Digital Spy.

Not really any spoliers:-


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Wow. A great episode. Frankly, New Earth had a bad start in NEW EARTH but here, we get mystery, action, adventure, and spirituality rather than religion. The other future story THE LONGEST GAME was a big let down and NEW EARTH pretty much sucked but this is a 5/5 story.

I think that secretly RTD must believe in God and / or long for God because he has written a rather good faithful adventure story. Martha and the Doctor's relationship opens up a bit more and the fact that he knows he was too busy showing off and she knows he's closed up and is maybe just using her and all that is just so good that it carries the story.

Sarah Jane Adventures Trailer Screenshots on with The Doctor on Digital Spy, the website blog all about the latest news on The Sarah Jane Adventures have posted screenshots from the new trailer for Series 3 (trailer video is locked down to the UK only on the BBC site). The trailer features some other familiar faces.

The site also reports on an article from Digital Spy featuring shots of the Doctor on Sarah Jane Adventures. Here are a couple from the trailer below a couple featuring the Doctor from Digital Spy, see more here: - And We Have A Trailer…! and Digital Spy: First Look: The Doctor in 'Sarah Jane'

Doctor and TARDIS on SJA


Okay a 5/5 or a 4/5 or a 10/10 or a 9/10. How can one not like this? I mean it is as handsomely mounted as the last episode, moreso really; it's got witches and Shakespeare and words and two Harry Potter references, three if you count JK's name being mentioned right after the second one. And it's got the star of HEX in it (as a witch no less, this time mean) and the stars of SHAMELESS (as Will himself). The Doc's not as pompous as the last one, that would be Will this time and Will makes a flirt at the Doctor. What's not to like? It moves fast and furious and plays a bit with history (the man who built the Globe didn't die in Bedlam apparently) but it's just....very entertaining.


For some reason, I like this episode. Not sure why. Perhaps it's Freyma's apparent energy and she tries to hard and emits that depth in her performance. She's not quite as good as Billie Piper but in some moments she rises above Billie but again, she tries so hard, it's difficult not to like her. She stands out among the rest of this tripe, really. Okay, her family is shown in fast pace and they don't really...stand out at all, unlike her but maybe that's the point. They're not Mickey, Jackie or Pete are they? I liked them from day one really but was wary. Here, I'm not wary but I can't wait until I and Martha get away from them. Martha leaving? Would she really leave just as she's about to get her life together? And then when she comes back...suddenly she's given some special dispensation and whammo she's a doctor.

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VIDEO: John Barrowman on The Paul O'Grady Show

John Barrowman on the The Paul O'Grady Show on the 25th of September 2009 speaking of his role in the West End production of La Cage aux Folles.

CBBC Autumn/Winter Announcements Include Dreamland and SJA

DreamlandCBBC has confirmed that the animated Doctor Who adventure Dreamland starring David Tennant as the Doctor along with Georgia Moffet playing companion Cassie Rice and with David Warner playing the villainous leader of the Viperox will be premiering on the BBC One red button interactive service and the Doctor Who website first.

Tennant For Breakfast

David TennantAbsolute Radio (UK) has announced that David Tennant will be joining Christian O'Connell this autumn for "a run of breakfast shows" leading up to his final Doctor Who specials.

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show runs from 6am to 10am on Absolute Radio and David Tennant wants to be there for all of it as opposed to just doing an hour here and there. He has even offered to come in early at 5:15 prior to O'Connell to be part of the pre-show brain storming.

Source: David Tennant - Absolute Radio

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