September 2009

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Oh my gosh, what a good start. Rose is going to die. Well, by now everyone knows she didn't and I must say for once I didn't mind the trick double switch LIE. I love this story and this episode and I just think, that, the build up makes sense and is fun and interesting. I love Jackie and her return is just welcome. I love that she's stuck in the TARDIS during transit ("If we end up on Mars, I am going to kill you.") as she sits there. I also like her assertion that for one: Rose will not have any reason to come home and two: Rose won't be human any longer in fifty years time. Rose must wonder about how she will stay in the TARDIS and if they ever wanted to do a love story with the Doctor and a human it would have to have the TARDIS translate the human being's or beings' life span into that of a Time Lord, make it so that they too age slower unless we want a sad ending. I mean in 50 years is the Doctor  THIS Doctor especially going to still want and love Rose?

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Clive and Leo are back

In a cheeky bit of casting, Reggie Yates ("Leo Jones") and Trevor Laird ("Clive Jones") have again been cast as son and father in the new ITV2 show, Trinity.  Laird's overall contribution to the eight-episode series is unknown, but Yates is one of the central characters.  The show is a somewhat novel admixture of elements seen across various genres, may not be to everyone's liking.  Nevertheless, it provides a much better look at Yates than was had in his somewhat abbreviated turn in Doctor Who.  

The first episode is directed by Colin "Tumbling" Teague, the first man to direct for all three BBC Wales Whoniverse shows.  In fact, he directed Yates and Laird in their last DW outing, "Last of the Time Lords".  Of additional interest is co-star Rod Arthur, who played the last surviving original teacher ("Mr. Parsons") at the school featured in "School Reunion".

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Doctor Who Actions Figures (Character Options)

Condition of figures is like-new, yet loose. These are some duplicates or characters I'm not interested in. Open for trades as well! I'm thinking about $7/fig, but make an offer. Mssg me and thanks for looking!

Captain Jack Harkness, Sycorax Leader, Moxx of Balhoon, Space Pig, Lilth the Carrionite, Scarecrow, Dalek Sec Hybrid and Pig Guard (not shown)


I quite enjoyed that. Really I don't know why so many people hate this story. I've not really found much to complain about it. And that's me! Okay so it's not about angst and hate and death but it does have some creepy moments and it's basically about love so what's to dislike about it. The girl who plays Chloe is not bad at all and in fact, she puts in a good performance for someone so young. The scribble monster is inspired. I also don't like that the Doctor hates cats or seems to. ANd yes, there's more than one TWILIGHT ZONE rip...homage. MONSTERS ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET, LITTLE GIRL LOST (vanishing pets into another dimension but where did the Doc and the kids go when they vanished?), VALLEY OF THE SHADOW (cars not working on certain parts of the street or on the border of a town), IT'S A GOOD LIFE, THE GIFT (a nice extraterrestrial), THE SHELTER (neighbors blame each other and fight), and perhaps even THE BARD (writer writes Shakespeare alive).

Chiller features HEX and SEA OF SOULS tonight

Chiller starts airing SEA OF SOULS and HEX tonight. I can't think of two more different shows. Other than being both horror shows, they are as different as DOCTOR WHO and STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. HEX is quirky, fun at times but then turns on a dime to be seriously deadly and dangerous and scary but it can't compare to the very very scary, disturbing show SEA OF SOULS. Not every episode of either show works but they both try so hard with SEA being the better show. The acting on both is top notch. Both have characters that come and go and go and stay gone; both have some serious deaths and both are psychological with SEA surpassing HEX on that, too. You'll recognize a great many NEW DW  actors including in HEX the man who played the henchman in the first SARAH JANE ADVs pilot. Behind the scenes, I believe, there are many DW writers, creators, and directors especially on SEA OF SOULS.


For some reason I can't just jump on the bandwagon and hate this story, I just can't. I mean there's reason enough to hate it be honest, I didn't when I first saw it but then again at that time I had a wide eyed shock that I think made me like anything that is and was DOCTOR WHO. The shock of it being back and being quite good most of the time. MOST OF THE TIME. I think most people and fans still have that wide eyed shock, new fans of just the new show have it because something is that good/was that good and that thrill that first getting to know DW has...and that shock makes you feel no real discernment when it comes to taste. I think that shock makes people like crap like RUNAWAY BRIDE and morbid shit like TORCHWOOD CHILDREN OF EARTH. In its defense, at least LOVE AND MONSTERS has some humor and some of it is actually funny. I noticed random things on this watching.

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Monster from the Inferno, Werewolf, The Day the World Ended, Night of Terror



Writer-Rik Vollaerts

Dir-Harry Harris

Music-Leith Stevens


VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-The Monster's Web, The Menfish, The Mechanical Man, The Return of the Phantom


Writers-Al Gail, Peter Packer

Dir-Justis Addiss



VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-The Sky is on Fire, Graveyard of Fear, The Shape of Doom, Dead Man's Doubloons, The Death Ship


Writer-William Welch a from story by Irwin Allen and Chas. Bennett

Dir-Sobey Martin



VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Terror on Dinosaur Island, Killers of the Deep, Deadly Creature Below!, the Phantom Strikes



Writer-William Welch

Dir-Leonard Horn



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