September 2009

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Dave Cooper and James Naughton

Dave Cooper and James Naughton

Dave Cooper (left) and James Naughton (right) with a mysterious blue police box at Whooverville 2009.

Barnaby Edwards

Barnaby Edwards, Writer

Barnaby is a British ex-pat, living in New York City. He runs the Doctor Who New York (DWNY) fan group, which you can find on the web at The group, which numbers in the hundreds now, holds monthly Pub Meets at Peculier Pub in Greenwich Village (usually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month - but it does vary - check here for dates and times of upcoming events), and monthly video meets - either at member's homes, or for special occasions at Professor Thom's, near Union Square! DWNY also has a small scale podcast, which does Doctor Who themed versions of classic British game shows - most notably "Just a DWNY Minute". You can download it here.


Good story. I think the acting was strong. I hate that 'FEED ME!!!!! FEED MEEEEEEEEEE! and HUNGRY!!!! bits, they could have lost those and it would have been better. The opening is a bit awkward but it's all pretty good. One last poor point: the Doctor, Eddie, and Tommy's mum can't speak clearly in this episode. I'm used to this Doc's rambling but really! I had to break out the DVDs to use the subtitles for the first time since the McCoy era! At one point I thought Tommy's mum said, "Everyone enjoying the Pope?" and what did the Doc say about it's never too late (he quotes Kylie) but almost everything he says in the climax is lost on me (I thought he said 300 soles never leave home without them). Truly dreadful pronunciation from the Doc, Eddi'es parents.

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Ken with Tom Baker

Ken with Tom Baker

A younger Ken Deep with Tom Baker at WLIW. (December 1990)


I must admit I hate SPARE PARTS so I'm glad this doesn't follow that "origins" of the Cybermen stuff with it's morbid prognosis and dismal ending and that the Doctor created the Cybermen or helped in their creation leading to, of all things, the death of Adric. What a load of garbage that audio was, despite some interesting imagery and a few good ideas and despite it having Nyssa and Peter Davison/Doc5 at his most Adric/Matthew hating. Putrid. 

BBC Audio The Rising Night

This cannot be a proper review. Why? I couldn't get past the first ten minutes of this horridly boring story. Maybe it's not fair or maybe it's just David Tennant's Doctor sucks when he's traveling on his own or maybe I've just had enough of this Doctor period. Then there's obligatory "10 meets female psuedo companion when traveling on his own"  scenes. Even with the sttrangeness of this opening and the odd Tardis stuff, this just fails to grab me. I might return to it but I doubt it and I'll never go back to the Maghony Murders as that was much more boring. David's Doctor is all over the place and in fact, I wonder if his Doctor has more stories than all the others or all the others put together and for me, it's way too much. To be fair, there are a great deal of good audios, novels, comics featuring this Doctor. He's rubbish without his companions and the worst of his spinoffs feature him  alone on his own. IMO.


You know if you asked me what I would have given this story a year ago or even two weeks ago, it would have been 10/10 or 5/5 but now it's just a kinda 3/5 or a 7/10 or even a 6/10. I'm not sure why but now it seems more forced. Perhaps at the time I was excited because to be honest, I thought and still think the Cybermen look best here and like these CM best. They just look like something that someone has done to themselves...they look like what they should be.

Glorious Revolution

I really like this audio story and would probably give it like a 4/5 or a 7 or 8 out of 10. It feels like a historical but with some added stuff to the mix and all of it is good. Frazier Hines, one of my favorite companions in Jamie, if not some of his oddball comments in interviews, is also great in this. At just about all times, his Second Doctor impersonation is so spot on, I thought they had recruited David Troughton (who to me sounds just like the Second Doctor) to do the Second Doctor! It's that amazing. That said, toward the end, the stop-go manner of talking does get on one's nerves ---the second Doctor didn't talk that ALL THE TIME and nor did he clear his throat that much. Hines does it far too much but again, he sounds in all other ways just like Patrick.

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 161

"250 million light years away. That's a good 10 minutes in this old thing."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 161
Running Time: 1:34:55

News and Part 1 of our in-depth interview with Gary Russell

Hosted by Louis Trapani and Ken Deep.

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