September 2009

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You know there might come a time when I think I won't be a Doctor Who fan, maybe. I'm just maybe getting tired of it all. I can hear everyone saying, "Hooray then he won't post any longer!" There was a time when the first series and a time when the new series both were sparking imagination, stood for differences, stood for something and meant something. They were intellectual or at least pointing the way toward intellectual. If they weren't that they, were entertaining and joyful. They were postiive and optimisitic. The Doctor sometimes traveled with more than one person and usually had at least one male companion and/or UNIT behind him and if not, then he met some really cool individuals along the way as in the Tom Baker and Peter Davison seasons. The new series reset the Doctor/one FEMALE companion but did so in style with a real world companion and her life involved. She was involving and interesting even if she were a whiner, a prat, a skank, and selfish alot of the time.

David Tennant in SPINE CHILLERS

David Tennant was in SPINE CHILLER, a UK series run on CHILLER NETWORK in the Us. He was a psychologist who helps a man who has a reoccuring dream.

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Timelash DVD Auction

A new still in the factory shrink wrap DVD of Doctor Who: Timelash is up for bids on eBay.

DVD on eBay


Doctor Who: TIMELASH, story 142 by Glen McCoy and starring Colin Baker as the Doctor with Nicola Bryant as Peri, and Paul Darrow (Blake's 7) guest starring.

DVD is brand new and FACTORY SEALED in its original shrink wrap. Region 1 (NTSC).

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Tara's TARDIS Traffic (Dragon*Con '09)

Doctor Who: Podshock Correspondent Tara Wheeler's police box TARDIS refitted for the 11th Doctor made its public debut at Dragon*Con this weekend in Atlanta. You can see it gets a little traffic there in this video (below) by Janet of Hurricane Who ( @hurricane_who ). You can see Tara along with many others at the convention including The White Robot (AKA Doctor Who: Podshock Special Correspondent Billy Davis), and somehow K9 will magically appear?

Silenence in the library odd image ?

Watching 'Silence in the library' Chapter 4 track 14 at time 15:11 to 15:12 there is an odd image ? that passes in back of the Doctor and Donna very quickly, then fades away, can't make out what it is, has anyone else seen this and can tell what it is. ?

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The Ten Doctors (Part 1) video by Babelcolour

This YouTube video was brought to my attention by @Smittmaestro created by Babelcolour who has has done some interesting Doctor Who edits before. Some interesting editing work in this video bringing the 10 Doctors together as well.


Hmmm. I wanted and want to desperately like this episode, I really did and do. I guess I'd give it something like a 3/5 or a 5/10 or something like that. The reason? Well, it's elevated by several things. David gives a strong performance and it could have easily gone so wrong. He's strong in all his scenes and playful, serious, angsty in all the right places in every scene he's in. He's just marvelous in this. The story is elevated far above even that and far above what the story of the aliens is about by (and far higher than it deserves) other factors: Sarah Jane Smith and Lis Sladen. It's a joy to have her back and she looks great and her acting is just as good. I wanted her back and glad to have her. It's not the kind of story I'd want her back in but there you have it and not the tone I'd want for her to be back but there you have it and more on that later.

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Problems posting via iPhone

Hey Louis,

I've encountered problems today trying to post by iPhone.  No matter how much I try, tapping on a reply field never brings up the keyboard.  Thus, there seems to be no way to post by iPhone.  Am I missing a trick here?


Despite the title (been used before and in DOCTOR WHO) and the unoriginal idea (monks and werewolves were, I believe in the dark BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) and the silly attitude of both Rose and the Doctor (could anyone stand either of them in this?) this has a lot of good stuff in it. For one, it's tense all the way through. For another, it has good guest performances even if the two regulars are acting like prats and rude house guests. At one point, Rose even stops just to watch a man killed by the werewolf and it seemed, at first viewing, just to see it kill him! He, Sir Reynolds, could have escaped. What I really don't get is why didn't the women in the kitchen save some of the mistletoe to give everyone to wear around their necks, rather than putting it all in the cooking pot? I mean it's a nice scene that they save Rose...and to be honest, despite all reason, I really thought the werewolf was going to get her. It was close enough.

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Hurt/Heal: the Second Doctor (speed round)

You — sorta — know how this works.  Every story starts with 10 points.  Each vote you cast must include only one negative vote (worth -2 points) and one positive vote (+1).  When a serial's score equals 0 or below, it is voted off.

The difference this time is speed.  There is no limit to the number of times you may play each day. However, you may not vote consecutively.  There must be at least one other player's vote between any two of yours.  

In the (likely) event of cross-posting, the vote with an earlier time stamp shall be judged to take precedence.  Any votes cast after the cross-posting occurs shall still stand, with merely the math adjusted.  

Let's imagine that we're joining a game in progress.  At this point, "The Highlanders" has 8 points and "The War Games" has 2.

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