October 2009

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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Journey With Fear, Sealed Orders, Man of Many Faces


Writer-Arthur Weiss

Dir-Harry Harris



VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Fires of Death, The Deadly Dolls, Cave of the Dead,


Writer-Arthur Weiss

Dir-Bruce Fowler

MUSIC-most of THE ENEMY BELOW score as well as stock from     LEVIATHAN, THE CYBORG, MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, DEADLY    INVASION, and others)    

Paper Cuts

I wonder if I actually start out wanting to hate these. I don't hate this story at all. It's apt. It has some great ideas, paper monsters, tombs that aren't tombs, living dead, dead living, walls that fold in on themselves, chess games, Draconians. Jon Pertwee may have loved the Draconians but to be honest they are not my favorites. I found them to be sort of Klingon-y and too like the Japanese. I mean if you want to do a Japanese story, then do that. The reptile people are also an old hat idea and to be honest, this story, and I'm sick of saying this but...this story would be better if seen and heard rather than just heard. The visuals...and DW. like Irwin Allen shows, like Abbott and Costello, like Gerry Anderson...IS  a visual show, a visual entertainment, regardless of the cost making it. The Doc's clothes, the TARDIS, the aliens, the monsters, the planets and/or historical settings are all better if seen.

This Week In Doctor Who - October 10/17, 2009

Rest in peace, Barry Letts.

This Week In Doctor Who
October 10/17, 2009 - Vol 12, No 39
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

The new animated Doctor Who story Dreamland (starring David Tennant and Georgia Moffett) does not have a premiere date yet. We are still waiting. Should be soon. Reports are now saying that this story is set between The Waters Of Mars and the 2 part finale, so soon could be more November/December.

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New 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' book due to come out.

BBC reports that a new book in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series is coming out. It is titled "...And Another Thing". The writer of this is Eoin Colfer. The hoped for release date is October 12 - The 30th Anniversary of the release of the original book .

For an interview with the writer (Eoin Colfer) go to this link on the BBC's web site:



Additionally BBC radio 4 will be broadcasting this in the show "Books At Bedtime". It will be in 10 parts and books at bedtime is usually just a reading of the story. Here is the link to the "Books at Badtime" page on BBC radio 4: 


The first part begins Monday at 22:45. I assume that is GMT.

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Ken's Scarf day 9 -- Done!

While it was a beautiful fall day in BroomfieldMe & Ken's Scarf, I spent most of it inside.

Alright, I did take the dog to the dogpark.

But the rest of it, I spent working on Ken's Scarf.

Alright, that's not technically true.

I spent about four hours on Ken's Scarf today, but I did finish it!

Now, before everyone gets all worried about how short Ken's Scarf looks, let me explain that once a Doctor Who Scarf is knitted, it must be blocked.

So, right now, it's wet from being washed and is hanging to dry on my scarf rack.

Tomorrow it'll be a good two to three feet longer than it is now.

And it'll be exactly the right length to wrap once around the neck, and dangle to the floor on both ends.

So, the final knitting stats are:

Total knitting time: 37 hours

Barry Letts Passes Away

Barry LettsBarry Letts, one of the most influential producers of Doctor Who, has sadly passed away. 

News came over the net just as Doctor Who: Podshock was to begin recording episode 165 and it was confirmed by Gary Russell that indeed we lost one of the champions of Doctor Who today. 

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 164

"You may be a doctor. But I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 164
Running Time: 1:28:03

News and we review Robot, Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor first Doctor Who story.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and James Naughton with Joshua Lou Friedman.

Episode 1 filming (Spoilers)

The previous filming pics were Episode 4 thanks to shooting out of order. These are from Episode 1:



To be honest, I thought some time would pass between Tennant's final episode and the start of Smith's first episode just for a change but it looks like a direct continuation.

And now we know Amy Pond's occupation, or do we (read the comments)?

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