October 2009

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Ken's Scarf day 8

Today was another house-bound day.Spike & Ken's Scarf

The weather in Broomfield was pretty icky.  Rainy and threatening to snow.

So, I stayed in, read a book on my iPhone and knitted, mostly.

There's a really good probability that I will finish Ken's Scarf tomorrow.

Especially if the weather continues like this.


One of my cats, Spike, has been taking an interest in Ken's Scarf lately.

So I got her to pose with today's progress.

Tonight's stats are:

Total knitting time: 33 hours

Time spent knitting today: 6 hours

Total length: 83"

Length knitted today: 13.5"

38 out of 44 stripes

Finished 8 out of 15 skeins of yarn.


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Celery man as fashion icon

Here's a weird thing.  

In episode 7 of season 2 of the current British game show, Would I Lie To You?, comedian Rhys Thomas wears a replica of the Fifth Doctor's costume throughout the broadcast and no one comments on it even once.  It's as if, because this guy's handsome, everyone accepts it as "chic" rather than "geek".  Search it out; it's a funny show worth your time, even without the subtle DW tie-in.  

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An Evening With Steve Roberts (Toronto)

An Evening With Steve Roberts banner

DWIN is pleased to present an evening with Steve Roberts. Steve is a founding member of the Doctor Who Restoration Team, which produces the classic series Doctor Who DVDs. Cost is a donation of $10 to the Who Party fund. Space is limited! Register now!


Okay I give this a 5/5 or a 10/10 really I do. It's just so different and that despite it being from one of the best NEW ADVENTURES by the egotist Paul Cornell (anyone who does not think he's a smug right old bas*## just read the behind the scenes book from Big Finish and find out what he said to Nick Briggs, who himself seems now full of himself). But anyway the sets, music, location work, and most of the acting. I say most because the actor who plays Baines makes some very odd choices in acting in some moments. His discovery of the forcefield is ...almost as if he's been hypnotized or taken over by the aliens already. He doesn't really play scared very well either. As the alien Son of Mine his quirks can be the quirks of the alien.

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HitchHikers Guide Convention - This Sunday in London

Don't think this has been mentioned elsewhere - there is a Douglas Adams convention this Sunday (11th October) at the Southbank Centre in London

I'm sure it's possibly old news in the Sci-Fi world, but I only found out about this morning, by chance.

There are still a few tickets available, I've picked up good seats for for parts 1, 2 & 3 a moment ago - and it's not badly priced (and in comparison to anything 10th Planet come up with, it's positively reasonable!).

I'm on a friends laptop at moment, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I can't seem to copy and paste, so I can't do a link - but if interested, google Hitchcon 09 and it's there!

It looks good, I'm looking forward to it.





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Ken's Scarf day 7

Today was a strange day.  I got knitting10/7 done, but just seemed like I was spinning my wheels most of the day.

Maybe it was just the over the halfway done blues.

I mostly knitted around the house today, read my iPhone eBook, watched some TV (Mythbusters).

Did sneak out to a knitting meeting, but came home early.

Just a boring day, I guess.


Tonight's stats are:

Total knitting time: 27 hours

Time spent knitting today: 5 hours

Total length: 61"

Length knitted today: 11.5"

31 out of 44 stripes

Finished 4 out of 15 skeins of yarn

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Ken's Scarf day 6

Today the DH and I got back into At the coffee shopour usual routine.

We went to a local coffee shop so he could write (with some noise and bustle in the background) and I could read and knit.

I got about two and a half hours of knitting done there today, while I read 'Small Favor' by Jim Butcher on my iPhone (the little blue rectangle in front of my hands- being held up by a Naja stand).

I've read this book before, but I'm re-reading it so I can read his new book 'Turn Coat'.

The DH worked on cards for a talk he's giving in Baltimore.

Then we went home and had dinner.

The evening's real entertainment was to go see Toy Story 1&2 in 3D!

Of course I took my knitting and knitted all through Toy Story 1.

But I ran out of yarn and didn't have another skein of red with me.

Convention Appearances

Doctor Who: Podshock has been making convention appearances over the last four years which have drawn in crowds. These events give an opportunity for convention audiences to interact on a live recording of the show. Doctor Who: Podshock has appeared at conventions on both the west and east coast of the U.S. Most popular among them are the Gallifrey One conventions in Los Angeles, CA. 

A live show adds excitement to an event and brings in additional people that may not have otherwise gone. Plus, the event will gain added exposure since we promote our live appearances on episodes leading up to the event and the recorded live show at the event serves as an ongoing promo for annual or reoccurring events (i.e. Gallifrey One or I-CON). 


I'd like to give this episode a 0/5 for it has derivative ideas, illogical plot points, Martha acts like a dope, and her mother acts like a biatch. But for some reason, I just like it and want to give it a 4/5 but I guess I can settle on 3/5. The reason I guess is that it has some of the best action scenes, a sense of urgency, and some arresting visuals. And the illogical bits could be explained, I guess. I don't know why the heat creature couldn't just jettison the fuel itself, it certainly has the chance to rather than attacking everyone but perhaps it just couldn't really function in our world that well. The music is fine, especially the version of the promo music that has that sense of urgency and desperation. The story turns into a "GET" Doctor story which some fans will note as a part of fandom that likes their heroes to suffer and here, the Doc suffers more than ever.

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