October 2009

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Why GHOST WHISPERER n MEDIUM haven't jumped the shark and SUPERNATURAL n FRINGE have

Okay rant vs praise time. SUPERNATURAL continues to dissapoint. The last episode has Dean meet himself in the future and his future self does not know why he doesn't remember nor is that addressed...how come he doesn't know what happened to his past self? I mean to be honest I wasn't paying enough attention to this old hat premise which was stuck onto another old hat premise of zombie town which was something they did at least twice already in past episodes. Added to that the "bad" angel Zach sent Dean forward in time, he should had realized there was an ulterior motive or at least thought the whole thing was a trick and not be bothered by it. It gives a sad glimpse as to what Sam might becomes but the whole thing is done so matter of fact that only the guy who plays Sam makes it worth anything for his acting as the Devil is any good. Oh yeah the Devil's in it and is about as scary as a bowl of chocolate pudding. The show sucks now.

This Week In Doctor Who - October 3, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
October 3, 2009 - Vol 12, No 38
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

The new animated Doctor Who story Dreamland (starring David Tennant and Georgia Moffett) does not have a premiere date yet. We are still waiting. Should be soon. Reports are now saying that this story is set between The Waters Of Mars and the 2 part finale, so soon could be more November/December.


This was another one I was set to pounce upon but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I first watched it I thought Mark Gatiss went too far over the top but he didn't really. He seems to be playing the Master at every turn but a downplayed version and is really someone who is human but is completely amoral from start to finish and it's difficult to feel any sympathy for him, even though the Doctor seems to...a bit. And oh look it's a UNIT story down to the madman scientist (INFERNO, MIND OF EVIL and others?), a throwback to the past (SILURIANS and SEA DEVILS and others), a mutant, the Doctor finding out about the threat by watching TV, and a climax in a church! But it's very good on top of that. Oh and the reversing the polarity.

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Ken's Scarf Day 2

Cast OnWell, here I am in wonderful Taos.

It's been a very busy day for me and the DH.

I didn't sleep very well, so I got up early and logged Ken's Scarf into Ravelry.com as my current project.  I got everything out, went to YouTube and loaded 'Robot' and cast on 65 stitches for Ken's Scarf.

I knitted for a while in Santa Fe and then we hit the road for Albuquerque.

By the time we got to Albuquerque, I'd knitted about 3.5 inches, so I went ahead and put the fringe on.

Scarves really don't look right until they've got some fringe on.

New K9 - The Series Trailer Video is Off to MIPCOM

K9 - The SeriesThe new K9 - The Series being produced in Australia by Park Entertainment is currently in post production. The 26 half hour series one of the show will be marketed at MIPCOM, an industry content trade show held from the 5th to 9th of October 2009 in Cannes.

See below for the latest promotional trailer featuring the metamorphosed K9 for this new series.

Originally created for the 1970s Doctor Who series by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. Now a new adventure series featuring everyone's favourite robot dog in a brand new 21st Century design! K9 is a children's scifi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense X-Files meets Men in Black with a zany dash of Ghostbusters.


Okay I've railed against this episode in the past ALOT. It's unfair. I just rewatched it for the first time since that first watching and it's not that bad. First of all, I was wrong: Frank doesn't vanish in this episode, he's in all of it. ALL OF IT. Memory does cheat. I'd give this a 3/5 or a 6/10 or even a 7/10. Tennant puts in a great performance even when the Doctor seems like he's inviting death, putting Martha on the front line AGAIN, and spouting nonsense science (which, like it or not, this story and this show puts out there like water from a waterfall). Yeah, the science makes little to no sense to me. Maybe that's what I hated first time around to be honest, the climax the first time around seemed sorta  anti climatic. The human Dalek Time Lord hybrid humans (!) are a sound enough idea in fantasy but they just don't really work in science fiction, which DW clearly really isn't. It's fantasy.

Jules Burt with Fred the Dalek

Jules Burt with Fred the Dalek

Jules Burt (Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel) with Fred the Dalek joined us at the DWNY September 2009 Meet Up.

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Ken's Scarf

Howdy y'all!

A few of y'all have heard that Ken Deep's lovely wife hired me to knit him a Doctor Who Scarf for Christmas.

He's been all excited about going to Chicago TARDIS and he got special dispensation to get his Christmas present early so he could show it off there.

So, Ken's Scarf will be the Thirteenth Doctor Who Scarf i've knitted this year (don't blame me, he said he wanted #13).

It's Thursday night.  I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on my way to the Taos Wool Festival.

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A Who York Evening… with Louise Jameson (Leela)!

A few months ago, you may have read my post regarding Who York, and some of DWNY's exciting plans to create Doctor Who events and conventions in New York City. Well, the first of those plans has now come to fruition, with the announcement of the first Who York Event - A Who York Evening with..... Louise Jameson, who played Leela with the 4th Doctor.


Who York


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Who (fans) come to Ashton in UK

On the 10 October Tameside again becomes a Dr Who & SF hotspot.

As with Hyde, Ashton - or more correctly Ashton-under-Lyne - shows off it's SF 'hotspot' status :-)

Here are two local newspaper items about the upcoming event.

Save to see full-sized - reduced to fit forum.

Dr Who comes to Ashton Pic 1

Dr Who comes to Ashton pic 2

Cheers, daveac

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