October 2009

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Audio: Blue Forgotten Planet

Colin, is as usual, very, very good in this. India is okay in this, too but to be honest, I'm not impressed with the whole Charley/Meila double idea. It's old hat and frankly boring although it has never actually happened that the companion has had this happen to her/him (but mostly her) and that the double left and traveled for a long time with the DOctor while the real companion was left to fend for his/her (but mostly her) self. To be honest, it's a great idea but it's not given the time or skill it needs over the cds and perhaps it can't really be fully resolved to everyone's tastes. Nick Briggs, I think it is, is the writer and he goes for...not really letting us know how it is resolved which pisses me off no end. The rest of the story is rather dragged out but good...good mostly thanks to the rather nice way the Viryans are depicted.


5/5 and a great big WOW! Holy cow! I don't know why this episode doesn't rate higher in the polls or in fans' graces ---frankly I think it's marvelous and fantastic. Where to start? Donna. First and foremost and most noble. Here, Donna finally totally proves she is a GREAT companion and just from this possibly the BEST companion ever. Yeah, really. As she tells the Doctor, "I don't know what kind of kids you've been traveling around the universe with..."  she has strength, compassion, and gumption and she appreciates the Doctor and also proves he needs someone with him...her! Their relationship reminds me of the old series' relationships but with that extra something added...a closer bond and  a deeper bond as we and they seem to know more about them from just a handful of episodes compared to knowing almost nothing about most of the other companions from two dozen or more eps.

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Children in Need Specials

This's "Children In Need" specials are slated to begin on Friday, November 20th.

I don't see anything "Doctor Who" related on this years schedule but the orgaization's work is so important I feel that it should be mentioned.


For more information on the BBC's "Children in Need" work, you can click here:



This is signposted from the word go. What has EIGHT LEGS? What is on the picture of the direct second part to this on the cover of the cd? What DW monster has people focus on crystals and is cult like? What? The back of the CD has a listing for someone who plays the Queen? Just what monster can this be?

In any event, there's one really good scene where the Doc tries to prove to a journalist ally (the new companion? if so, minus five points for unoriginality) by leaving, spending about two hours to get to the TARDIS and reappearing in her room just two or three seconds after he left! The only impressive bit actually.


Whatever way you look at this, it's not  very good, not quite a 0/5 but  a 1/5. That's nothing to do with Catherine Tate, she's marvelous in this and the rest of the series and Donna's a bit toned down. Thematically and tone wise this just does not work for me.

It doesn't know what it wants to be or strains to be something it can't. It's not funny...not at all. The only bit that comes close to being funny is when Donna mistakes the Doc saying he just wants a mate and she thinks he wants to mate. Still, it's a simple enough mistake but it's also just short of being funny. It's not funny when in the first 21 min or so Donna and the Doc keep missing each other. It's also getting annoying to have David's ego constantly stroked as women give him their phone numbers...in the show. Penny was originally supposed to be the companion so we escaped a really bad thing there and got the great Donna Noble instead.


Paul Magrs has never been my favorite DW writer. He's sort of by the book and filled with unoriginal ideas. This is no different but it is, one must say, better than the first HORNET'S NEST audio. The idea of the Red Shoes (a once popular movie/play/dance?) being alien shoes in a museum with an old stuffy lady taken over by aliens really fits the Fourth Doctor and Tom Baker and he relishes it with pride and takes it to places it shouldn't even go and it's rather more entertaining than the first one. There's still a sad feeling that Tom is just a bit old now and at times he also does that deep toned angry voice a bit too much one might say. Still, the images here, all borrowed from other things such as THE RED SHOES and THE INCREDBILE SHRINKING MAN and others, are memorable. The Doc gets a few psuedo companions and even gets to be in the past...Mike here is just a cypher to listen to the Doctor and I must say Franklin, who I usually like, is pretty bad here for some reason.

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"... And Another Thing" available through BBC iPlayer.

BBC Radio 4 is now broadcasting the new "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Book ("...And Another Thing") on it's show "Books at Bedtime". It is broken down into ten fifteen minute segments.

The next part becomes available at 22:45. You can listen to the episodes at:



... and another thing - it is not reigon blocked so we can hear it in other countries as well.


Enjoy! Smile

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Trailer

The latest trailer promo video for series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures starring Elisabeth Sladen features the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

Series 3 is set to begin this Thursday, the 15th of October 2009. Episodes will be shown on Thursday and Friday of each week leading into mid-November.


I didn't find it fun, funny or engrossing. I don't need loads of returning characters or even a lot of action but something relevant, interesting, or different and this was none of those either.

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