November 2009

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LOST IN SPACE-Junkyard of Space, promos


Writer: Barney Slater

Dir: Ezra Stone

Music: MULLENDORE (a beautiful score!)



LOST IN SPACE-Fugitives In Space, Space Beauty


Writer: Robert Hamner

Dir: Ezra Stone



LOST IN SPACE-The Promised Planet, the Great Vegetable Rebellion


Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Ezra Stone

Special Dance Music: Pete Rugolo (also did TV'S THE FUGITIVE music)


LOST IN SPACE-The Time Merchant, Princess of Space


Writer: Bob and Wanda Duncan

Dir: Ezra Stone



El Maleficio and the sequel movie and Spanish novellas

A word about Spanish novellas. Most of them are conceived as mini series and some come from books but many have sci fi, horror and fantasy elements. The one discussed El Maleficio seems to be an 82 hour mini series about a man who runs an evil cult that wants to use a boy as the instrument of the devil. The boy, barely a teen, may be the instrument of the devil or actually the son of the devil. There is a follow up movie which is on dvd and the ending is shocking.

How do you rate SJA: The Eternity Trap? (5=Fantastic)

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Audio: World Wide Web (Lucie Miller 8th Doc 3.8) SPOILERS

WORLD WIDE WEB picks up from the first part, which was boring beyond belief. Here, the spiders are used to good effect, there are deaths that didn't seem that they would occur, and a bit of a rip off from FOREST OF THE DEAD, where it was kinda lame to begin with. Still as the spiders take over Earth, the Doc and two psuedo companions--WHO ARE NOT SAFE---drive up to a fast food place and find how the spiders have taken over EVERYONE, it seems, even TV. That said, it's quirky but the resolution seems rushed as these things always do. Paul is okay, even if he's sleep walking. Sheridan Smith has overstayed her welcome although she gets a few nice lines. The trouble is that there's nothing really that new here at all and it all gets boring fast but not as boring as the first part. The Doctor gets a few good lines but again, Paul's pretty lackluster. Lucie gets to be downloaded into the TARDIS and follow the numbers really.

This Week In Doctor Who - November 7, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
November 7, 2009 - Vol 12, No 41
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Health issues kept me from getting last week's column produced and out. They also ate much of the time I would have spent on this issue, so crossing fingers for a good result.

Audio: CASTLE OF FEAR (spoilers) is great but Nick Briggs blew it

CASTLE OF FEAR is a 5/5, 10/10 adventure comedy. It's the first "Grinon't miss", great adventure from BIG FINISH for some time. It has a rousing climax, and some very funny humor. In some respects it reminded me of the 5th Doc's time because it has A-Nyssa grabbed , B-the death of a heroic but sometimes cowardly male sickkick, C-a scene inside an alien spaceship that the Doc tries to disarm or use (VISITATION among others), D- a cliffhanger at the end of the story (KINDA and others), and E-a returning villain race (SPOILERS!) in a truly shocking reveal at the end of a story, unexpected....


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