December 2009

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Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 174

"I love 1958. No one has seen Die Hard, or Alien, or Die Hard 2, or Aliens…"

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 174
Running Time: 1:29:20

Live show reviewing Doctor Who: Dreamland with live feedback, and more..

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, and Ken Deep.

Doctor Who: Podshock 174 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 174 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 174 cover art for our live show reviewing Doctor Who: Dreamland.


This isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I expected death death death and more death and Lucie Miller dying in a brave sticky and digusting way that meant nothing. Well, we dont get that. We do get a dismal Christmas story about dying in a hospital and not really dying and having those you love hang around as you're dying. It's just...

The British media might be nuts. They revel in this CD about reveling in Christmas time shows and soaps where secrets are revealed and people fight and argue and break up and leave each other and DIE. Yeah and they are proud of this happening around Christmas Time or evne on Christmas Day. There's something inherently wrong with that, PERIOD.  What happened to THE BOX OF DELIGHT and the Xmas stuff that is filled with cheer. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. I think it's disgusting that this idea of death on Christmas Day and evil minded stuff and fights is touted as the xmas day shows. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Not posted a blog for a while so here is a Christmas message from myself and Ian the6thdoctor on behalf of The Cultdom Collective Podcast.

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Cheers, daveac

Russell T Davies in a Couple New Videos from BBC America

A couple new videos from BBC America include Russell T Davies talking about the thought process during his final specials and working with John Simm.

Russell T Davies on his final episodes of Doctor Who:

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing The End of Time Scheduled

Join us live on the internet for a recording of Doctor Who: Podshock reviewing The End of Time (parts 1 and 2 respectively). The next two specials and the last two featuring David Tennant as The Doctor.

Doctor Who: The End of Time Review

The next two specials, Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part 1 and Part 2 have scheduled for Christmas Day and New Year's Day respectively on BBC One and to be followed on BBC America and SPACE channels shortly afterwards. We will be reviewing both the Sunday after their transmission.

Plague of the Daleks audio

Yeah. No. Mark Morris says some things in his interview that make me wonder about his writing ability and plotting ability. There's nothing wrong iwth his plodding ability though. Sorry, the story starts off randomly boring and acts like a bit of the first ep of ANDROID INVASION (never a good starting off point) mixed with the non boring bits of the first part of this trilogy and if you're borrowing from the first bit of your three part story, that does'nt bode well. Things start to get more exciting once an alien and a grouchy woman and her nice husband arrive but then dip toward disgusting horror via NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD which this most resembles and THE EVIL DEAD only without  Ash. Then the Daleks show up so we get a bit of PLANET OF THE DALEKS and DEATH TO THE DALEKS mixed with the plague stuff and the Doc's bloodstream is infected via THE INVISIBLE ENEMY. Talk about a rip off.

IDW ongoing comic issue 6: Fugitive part 4 of 4

A very good ending to a fair adventure story which is well written, sometimes funny, and which incorporated Sontarans, Draconians, Ogrons, the Shadow Proclamation, Finch and Krillitanes in a story that just reeks of adventure in a good way. The art is okay. In addition, there's an ending I did not see coming. And two new or rather old comic companions. A good solid story and fun. With at least one really great quote, "Only a Sontaran can make a fond farewell sound like a death match!"  

This Week In Doctor Who - December 19, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
December 19, 2009 - Vol 12, No 47
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

The end of David Tennant's time in the TARDIS is near. And he goes out with Doctor Who's 5th annual Christmas event! Merry Christmas, Doctor - you're doomed! Quick premiere rundown:

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