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Exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum 2009

If anyone is interested in having a look, I've uploaded the photos I took at Coventry Transport Museum in October/November 2009.!/album.php?aid=207709&id=608814533


It's the first time I've ever really used a camera! (I only bought it a couple of days before). I think some of them are pretty decent; I like the ones that are quite close up. There's a good one of K9.


Have a look. Hope you like. 

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Chris Achilleos - The Third Doctor covers

Have any Doctor Who novel covers ever been better than those created by Chris Achilleos (I like the homage in the booklets released with the recent DVD sets)? Isn't it time we had a feature about him as a DVD extra?

Your votes please for the best Chris Achilleos cover for a Third Doctor Target novel...

Doctor Who: Podshock Cover Art 2010 (D25)

Doctor Who: Podshock Cover Art 2010 (D25)

This Doctor Who: Podshock default cover art "TARDIS Trio" Style D updated with the 25th anniversary seal for the Gallifreyan Embassy. Style D was designed in the summer of 2009 reflecting some of the changes concerning our podcast as well as some anticipation of a logo change. It made its debut in the Gallifreyan Embassy Café Shop, August 2009

Pictured, top to bottom are co-hosts James Naughton, Louis Trapani, and Ken Deep. Police box courtesy of Tara Wheeler.

How do you rate Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone? (5=Fantastic)

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Total votes: 39

The Sixth Doctor on DVD

You probably all realize this but the entire Colin Baker run is now available on DVD.  is your chance t

This Week In Doctor Who - May 1, 2010

This Week In Doctor Who - Section A
May 1, 2010 - Vol 13, Number 15
by Benjamin F. Elliott

For press releases on Doctor Who, keep an eye on the BBC Press Office and C21 Media .

Additions and corrections are welcome at , , and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:

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Flesh and Stone: Spoilers!!!!!!

“Respect the thing!”

Hooray! Finally a second part that lives up to the first part. I am a far happier man than two weeks ago. Then we’d had three episodes – one great one and two distinctly average ones. Now, the balance has swung in the opposite direction: three out of the last five episodes have been superb. I loved this and (despite a few things that I didn’t quite understand), and would give the whole story a ten out of ten!


Alex Kingston

Am I the only one who finds Alex Kingston totally smoking hot?

Paul S. Mabley B.Sc.(Hons), MA

South Shields, UK / Kitchener, Ontario


This Big Finish audio gets an 80 from me. Why? Well the first disk is a 10/10 and the second...a 6/10. Why? Well the first disk brilliantly sets up Colin Baker, who's fast becoming or has already become THE audio Doctor above all others (although I'm not sure he's done more than the others, it feels that way), who's great by the way in this and almost all of them, and his old companion Jamie as, well, first strangers to each other and then allies.

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who and fab cafe 3 - 2nd may 2010

anyoe else going?


ill be there in my tdp shirt. feel free to come over and say Hi.



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