June 2010

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Matt's Smith's first season - did you like it?

Well, Matt Smith's first season is over in the UK (we're three episodes behind in the US). So now we come down to this single question:

How did you like his first season?

What were the good points and the low points. How did the new Doctor do? What were your favorite aliens / monsters? What did you think of Amy? Was the season a HIT or a MISS? etc...

Tell me what you think.

I'll do mine in word and then post it after I hear from everybody else.


PS: Try not to spoil it for those who haven't seen the last three episodes if you can.

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Doctor Who Monsters on Tour the First Dates.

The First Lot of Doctor Who tour Dates have Been confirmed and are as Follows:

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Reports of missing scripts from 'Doctor Who'

The website Digital Spy has a report of the script for the upcomming Christmas special is missing.

Could it be a plot by the Master or the Daleks in an effort to derail the show? Probably not but the fact that it comes on the heels of the season ending is suspicious.


Reguardless, the news of this has Steven Moffat racing against time to get a new draft made. here is the story on Digital Spy:

'Who' Christmas script goes missing?


and here is the story they referred to from the Daily Star:



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Doctor Who Theme in a Ukulele Solo

I discovered this via our own Tara Wheeler via Twitter @TARDIS_Tara

new Doctor Who book

I'm new to the forum but just wanted to make folks aware of a new book that considers Doctor Who from a scholarly perspective (and yes, I'm the editor of the book - but I did think people here might be interested, so forgive the promotional efforts here!).

It's called Ruminations, Peregrinations, and Regenerations: A Critical Approach to Doctor Who and is available on Amazon.  It's definitely priced more for libraries to purchase, but if you know of anyone who is interested or a library that might want to stock it, please pass the word along!



Chris Hansen

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Bonahms Sale of Doctor Who Props Pt. 2

Here are the Prices for the sold Items from the Bonhams Auction on July 23rd last week.

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The Doctor onstage at Glastonbury

As the final act of the Night at Glastonbury, electronic band Orbital who hadn't played live in 16 years had a very special Introduction For the last song of the Evening.  Matt Smith showing no end to his talents, showed that of a showman firing up the Crowd. Orbitals first song of the night... Their version of the Doctor Who Theme Music. Follow the link below to see the 33second clip of Matt's Introduction.

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The BIG BANG overnight... Figures

The Complete overnight Figures for the season closer of doctor who are 5.1 Million.  4.6 Million of those on BBC 1 and 0.5 Million on BBC HD. Doctor Who was the second highest rated show of the night with the football (soccer) world cup match USA against Ghana coming top with 5.7 million.  Doctor Who even beat Wimbledon which was showing on BBC2 at the same time.  Overall Doctor Who did really well all season when the constantly shifting Time-slots are taken into consideration, and hopefully this will prove to the BBC that they handle the show with more respect next year. In comparison to previous seasons of Doctor Who in the same time slot, it faires better than Patrick Troughtons final episode on The Wargames which had a Final figure of 5 Million viewers, at a time in British Television where there were only three channels, and not as it is today. 

River Song *SPOILERS!!!* No really, there are!

Did anyone else not catch when River Song killed the Dalek in the Big Bang episode?  She told it to check her records.  And to say her name.  And it said over and over again.......




As in Mercy Hartigan (The Next Doctor).


Thoughts?  (all are welcome, I don't flame)

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