June 2010

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2nd Bonhams Doctor Who Sale

The above pictured Cyberman head from the Second Doctor's period is one of many articles going on sale once more at Bonhams in Knightsbridge London.  Other props include Daleks also from this time (Power of the Daleks) K9 and two TARDIS's. The most interesting being the  TARDIS from 2005 from 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston.  This is part of an entertainment auction rather than just a Doctor Who specific one.  The auction will be taking place at 11am on the 23rd of June 2010 and lot numbers are 126 to 142 inclusive.  Lot 126 being an Dalek from The Chase and 142 being the 9th Doctors TARDIS.

BBC America - Doctor Who: Cold Blood Preview (Flash video)

Doctor Who - Cold Blood

Deep in the bowels of the Earth, the Doctor and Nasreen (guest star Meera Syal) face captivity under the Silurians.

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Taking Back My Original Thoughts

When the new season started I didn't "feel" it.  I didn't really like that everything was new (Tardis, Doctor, Companion, Theme, Opening Credits, etc.) and was afraid  that my love for Doctor Who was starting to diminish.  Now, after seeing all the episodes, my tune is quickly changing.  


Are there things I don't like still?  Yes, of course.  But, in the same fashion, I think it is very important to say that it is possible to be wrong about something.  At this point, I feel that I was wrong and judged things too harshly.  So, here's to seeing what is in store for the remainder of the Season 31.


So, one question I do have left.  That question is:  "So, what do you have for me this time?" 

How do you rate Doctor Who: The Lodger? (5=Fantastic)

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The Lodger - SPOILERS!!!!

Now I was convinced this was going to be a Cyberman story!

Who is growing the TARDIS? My money is on River Song but I'm open to be shot down in flames.

It seems we are getting into the end game of the season now...the trailer looked very interesting.

Apart from that the story was weak although I'm glad we've had at least one 'Amy-Lite' episode.

Must get back to England v USA...sorry to be so brief!

Paul S. Mabley B.Sc.(Hons), MA

South Shields, UK / Kitchener, Ontario

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This Week In Doctor Who - June 12, 2010

This Week In Doctor Who - Section A
June 12, 2010 - Vol 13, Number 21
by Benjamin F. Elliott

All the known broadcasts of Doctor Who covered weekly since 1998. With the spinoffs too.

UK - the world premiere of "The Lodger" is today, 12 June at 6:45PM BST on BBC One and BBC HD in a 45 minute slot. "The Pandorica Opens" is due to premiere on 19 June at 6:40PM BST in a 50 minute slot. Series finale "The Big Bang" is due to premiere on 26 June - the time will be set based on which World Cup games BBC One gets. The BBC has not announced the length, but tentative early listings have The Big Bang in a 55 minute slot.

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Toby Hadoke's New Routine - Now I Know My BBC

Toby Hadoke is back, well if you have the Cd or Digital Copy "Moths Ate my doctor Who scarf!" He's never really away.  But after touring for over three years with "Moths" Doctor Who Fan and fan Favourite Toby, has a new routine quote from his web site.

"An affectionate and stroppy love letter to his favourite Auntie from the passionately squared eyed comedian whose previous show “Moths Ate Mt Doctor Who Scarf” received 100% 5 star reviews (Ed Fringe 2007), toured the UK and internationally, had a West End run, and spawned a Sony nominated radio series."

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How do you rate Doctor Who: Thin Ice? (5=Fantastic)
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