June 2010

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Vincent and the Doctor: SPOILERS!!!!

Well that was just stunning! Beautiful and moving and caring and touching. OK the monster story wasn’t up to much but this was about monsters of another kind. Those internal, terrible demons that afflict a fair few of us at one time or other in our lives. Those monsters which try to suck the very joy from our lives, try to make us stay in bed and forget the beauty of the world around outside. And it’s here that the focus of the story really is – how our own humanity and sense of beauty and worth can help us combat these things.

This Week In Doctor Who - June 5, 2010

This Week In Doctor Who - Section A
June 5, 2010 - Vol 13, Number 20
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Welcome to the ORIGINAL This Week In Doctor Who. All the known broadcasts of Doctor Who covered weekly since 1998. With the spinoffs too.

UK - the world premiere of "Vincent And the Doctor" is due to premiere on 5 June at 6:40PM BST on BBC One and BBC HD - another 50 minute slot. "The Lodger" is due to premiere on 12 June at 6:45PM BST on BBC One and BBC HD in a 45 minute slot. "The Pandorica Opens" is due to premiere on 19 June, tentatively at 6:40PM BST but it could change.

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Karen Gillan Interviewed at Thom Bar in NYC (Flash video)

BBCAMERICA.com sat down with Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) for an interview at Thom Bar in NYC. She talks about her personal style, her love of Elvis, and her first time in New York City. And she shows us her really fabulous Alexander McQueen bag!

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Doctor Who Adventures "City of the Daleks" Ready for Download.

The computer game, which was introduced as "The Doctor Who Adventures" earlier this year has now been released.  There are a couple of sore points, 1: IT IS AS WE EXPECTED GEO-LOCKED, that means if you are not resident in the UK you can't access it. 2: WINDOWS VERSION ONLY, the Mac version is due on the 15th of July. and most Importantly 3: IT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD, but your going to have to lay out your hard earned cash for it.  I suspected this part but as the BBC now has to show responsibilty for it's earnings since the change of government in the UK this was no surprise to me.

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BBC Renews Big finish License Until 2012

The BBC has renewed the Big Finish Audio's Licence to produce Doctor Who audios until 2012 through its BBC Audio branch, the following statement was published to Facebook earlier today from Big finish.

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Jamie and the 6th Doctor Pt 2 or Nights Black Agents/Wreck of the Titan

Anyone remembering my review of City of Spires will recall that I promissed to review all the Releases in this Series of Sixth Doctor and Jamie  Stories.

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing 'Vincent and the Doctor' Scheduled

Doctor Who: Podshock will be once again be taking to the net this Sunday (6 June 2010) for a live-over-the-net show reviewing the tenth episode of the new series, Vincent and the Doctor

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing Vincent and the Doctor

He's back… and it's about time! We return with our live-over-the-net review series this time talking about the 10th episode of the new series starring Matt Smith as the Doctor premiering on BBC One this Saturday (coming to BBC America 3 weeks later). We will be reviewing Vincent and the Doctor

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Hungry Earth Final viewing Figures

Final figures for episode eight, The Hungry Earth, published by BARB show it was watched by 6.49 million viewers. The figure is an increase of over two million on the initially reported overnights, implying many recorded the programme to watch it later.

On BBC One the programme got 6.01 million watching where it was the ninth most watched programme for the channel for the week. An additional 0.48 million watched on BBC HD. When added together the programme totalled 6.49 million viewers.

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