July 2010

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can you outgrow Doctor Who?

Another forum had this as a question and I thought my response should be put here too: Truth is DOCTOR WHO as a concept can go anywhere and do anything and who can outgrow THAT? That idea, concept can allow one to just love the show and the ideas it represents. Sometimes it even lives up to that premise but as someone else mentioned it all feels a bit too smart assey and self absorbed and "FUN" and "Dark" and all those catch phrases without having an outstanding season this year overall despite a handful of 10/10 episodes. It plays it safe on the other episodes and with the poor companion choice.
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The villains of Doctor Who

For a little bit of fun I though that I'd put this story in.


In the UK paper's website of the Guardian they have an article about the villains of 'Doctor Who'. Over the weekend the data that is housed in the article has been updated and some deletions have been made while many others have been added.


The premise of the article was to try to create a comprehensive listing of 'Doctor Who' villains and provide accompanying visuails with then (one a spreadsheet, the other a 'many eyes' presentation).


Here is the link to the story:

Every 'Doctor Who' villain since 1963 - Updated



2005 Series on iTunes Store

For those of you who may not own the 2005 series yet (which is probably the minority on this forum), the U.S. iTunes store right now has the complete 2005 series for sale for $10.99.  Not a bad price to pick up an electronic copy.

This Week In Doctor Who - July 17, 2010

Psst - tonight, let's crush the internet. See a few paragraphs down the line ...

This Week In Doctor Who - Section A
July 17, 2010 - Vol 13, Number 26
by Benjamin F. Elliott

All the known broadcasts of Doctor Who covered weekly since 1998. With the spinoffs too.

UK - Doctor Who isn't quite over yet, even though the current series ended 21 days ago. The BBC's Three have a couple of treats.

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Question of the Week 1

Liz Shaw or Jo Grant? And why?

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'Doctor Who' nominated for 'TV Chioce' Awards

The tv magazine 'TV Choice' has taken in nominations from it's readers and 'Doctor Who' was nominated as "Best Family Drama".


Matt Smith was also nominated as 'Best Actor" while Karen Gillan was nominated for Best Actress".


On the Telegraph's website you can see a partial list at :

Doctor Who: Matt Smith wins people's approval after being nominated for award


Winners will be announced on Monday, September 6th. A full list of winners will be available on TV Choice's website the following day.


Good luck Matt, Karen!

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Doctor Who at the Proms 2

Doctor Who at the Proms 2, will take place on the 24 and 25 of July at the Royal Albert Hall full details from the BBC to follow at the end of this article.  This time it will be presented by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. 

And so to the Details.

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InnerSPACE Live Season Finale and After Show

The folks at CTV and SPACE have asked me to pass along details of this upcoming event to our readers:

“On Saturday, July 24 at 9 p.m. ET, the smash-hit first season of the regenerated DOCTOR WHO is checking out with a bang with the season’s final episode, “The Big Bang.” Immediately following the finale, SPACE celebrates the show’s record-breaking run with a special edition of INNERSPACE at 10:10 p.m. ET. Broadcasting live in front of a studio audience from SPACE headquarters in Toronto, this one-hour special is hosted by INNERSPACE host and genre expert Teddy Wilson and features an expert panel, never seen before interviews and a live web chat.

What: InnerSPACE LIVE: Doctor Who - season finale and aftershow!
When: Saturday July 24th from 9pm - 11pm (audience to arrive by 8:15pm)
Where: CTV Headquarters, 299 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario

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SPACE Channel Logo

SPACE Channel Logo
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Moffat Hears the Sounds of Twittering

This is the Sight that greets you when you go to Mr. Steven Moffats Twitter page, yes the Great Moff is now on twitter. Just overnight his followers went up from 849 as I started following him to the Current amount of 3197. If you don't want to have any insite into Who production until the Confidential is broadcast I suggest that you don't follow him. For those of you who do then he is @steven_moffat or you can go to http://twitter.com/steven_moffat

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