October 2010

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K9 S1E5 Sirens of Ceres [SPOILERS]

OK, I finally got around to getting back to this series. 

It's a good thing that I did. Sirens of Ceres takes a little detour from the expected monster of the week coming through the time machine and the series is better for it. I felt the story was better written than the predecessors and the way of addressing conformity/non-conformity was addressed in an interesting manner.

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K9 S1E4 The Bounty Hunter [SPOILERS]

Wow, some hints about K–9's activities before it arrived in this time zone. The eponymous Bounty Hunter was so clichéd, but I need to remember that this is targeted at little children. I think the third and fourth episodes are stronger than the first two by a little bit.

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K9 S1E3 The Korven [SPOILERS]

A slight improvement on the first two episodes, but the Korven seemed to remind me of the Tharils from Warrior's Gate for some reason. Otherwise a standard episode for this serial.

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K9 S1E2 Liberation [SPOILERS]

Not much in the second part either. K–9 spends quite a bit of time incapacitated. True to character, huh? The characters are annoying to me. Doesn't bode well for the series so far.

Matt Smith in NY

Matt Smith in NY

Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) at the Paley Center for Media in NYC for the premiere showing of the 2010 Doctor Who series in April 2010.

Photo by Louis Trapani • @LouisTrapani

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New story for the Doctor

The BBC's 'Doctor Who website will begin a new story on the site starting tomorrow (Oct. 29th). It will be serialized over several days on the website and will be written by Mark B. Oliver. The story is a Halloween themed story to fit in with the season.

For the full news you can click here:

The Doctor Returns the Night After Halloween



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Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition DVD Coming to North America February 2011

Doctor Who 1996 region 1 DVD

As we previously announced, the Doctor Who 1996 Movie will finally be released as a region 1 DVD in North America. It has long been available on region 2 (I had my copy for some time now), it has been tied up in release rights issues between the studios involved (BBC, Fox, Universal) for a region 1 DVD release since the movie first aired.

We were pleased to report that it would finally be coming to region 1 with the recent revisiting of the DVD (a new re-release edition). Up until now, we didn't have a release date other than 2011 for this 8th Doctor adventure starring Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook. Now according to tvshowsondvd.com, BBC and Warner Home Video have announced that it will be released on February 8th as a 2-disc set titled, 'Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition.'

It coincides with the release of another 2-disc set 3rd Doctor story, 'The Mutants' starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant on DVD.

Patrick Troughton on Stage

Patrick Troughton on Stage

Patrick Troughton (the 2nd Doctor) in costume on stage at the Trenton War Memorial on the 23rd of March 1986. Here's a close up of Pat at the same event in New Jersey.

Photo by Louis Trapani • @LouisTrapani

How do you rate SJA: Death of the Doctor? (5=Fantastic)

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My New Costume Revealed in the Latest Sonic Newsdriver

The moment you all been waiting for… I reveal my new costume for The Sonic Newsdriver in this latest episode released today. That and other fashion news of the Doctor Who world are covered as well as some non-fashion related DW news.

Sonic Newsdriver (26 October 2010) -

The Sonic Newsdriver 20101026
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Tuesday, the 26th of Oct. 2010

Doctor Who related news covering Death of the Doctor, Better Late Than Never, It May Be A Mystery To You, We Will Rock Children in Need, Happy Anniversary Frazer, Fashion - Turn to the Left, Fashion - Turn to the Right, and much more!

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