November 2012

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Knocked Out By Sandy

Thanks for all the concern expressed by all of our listeners... We will return once we are back up and running after the major set back caused by Hurricane Sandy... 

Knocked Out By Sandy -

Wrath of Sandy

On October 29, 2012 we were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. In addition to not having power, heat, phones, net, etc. for almost two weeks, we were flooded with sewage water. Three and half weeks later, we are still expelling destroyed waterlogged stuff and trapped water from the premises.

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See and Hear from Louis via Tumblr

Louis is posting a 'Daily' video from his time recovering from Sandy - most recently he talks about getting power back - on day 14!

To see these videos checkout his 'Trapped on Earth' Tumblr account

Cheers, daveac

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(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) 2012 Christmas Special name revealed!

The title of the Christams special has been released on the BBC's "Doctor Who" website. The title given in the article is The Snowmen.


You can read about what little is known about the episode here:


They also have a gallery of pictures from the episode as well. You can view them from the link in the stpry or use this link:


And if that wasn't enough, the mini-sode from the "Children in Need" special can be found in the story or you can use the link here:

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Copy of post by Billy - Ken Deep taken ill

Hey friends of Ken Deep, Ken had a heart attack today and is in the hospital. His wife says he is okay and will be out in 3 days. I do nt have any details yet. He wont be making the trip to Chicago next week. I just texted with him a few times so he is doing good right now. --Billy
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"Doctor Who" to be featured in 2012 "Children in Need"

The Doctor will be back at the "Children in Need" fund drive with a special mini-episode, as well as a preview of the upcoming Christmas special.


Little is known about the two cloips but with the "Children in Need" drive about to start so we won't have long to wait.


You can see the story here on the BBC's "Doctor Who" website here:


and you can read about a few of the "Children in Need" previews here:



For more about "Children in Need" you can visit their website here:

Operation Extermination: Daleks Invasion of Earth

Hello I'm The Bearded Companion and today I force those vile pepper pots back into the DVD they invaded me from.


The Doctor finds himself in the war torn future of Earth. He, Ian, Susan and Barbara find this isn't a normal war it's against the Doctors main enemies in the early years. The Doctor and others manage to find survivors but the peril doesn't stop the bomb created by a man may provide solace but will the heroes survive? Will The Doctor grow a Peter Cushing Mustache? Yes and no....saddly.


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