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December 2013

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The Adventure Calendar - 2013

It's back. The adventure calendar from the "Doctor Who" website is out.


For those of you who are not familair with the adveture calendar, let me explain it this way. It's based on the advent calendar and with 25 "doors" on it. With each calendar day you open each door. Starting on Dec. 1st you open  one door, and each day after you open an additional door until all the doors are opened on Dec. 25th (Christmas Day).

Behind each door could be a saying, part of a story or even a small gift.

Well the Adventure calendar is the same thing but, since it is on the "Doctor Who" website every door has something "Doctor Who" related to it.  It could be a link to wallpapers, links to video clips, etc...


Now that you know what it's about here is the link to this year's Adventure Calendar:

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Time of the Doctor - new trailer - (Spoilers!!!)

Today (Dec. 11, 2013) BBC has released the new trailer for the upcoming Chrismas special "The Time of the Doctor".


Warning: There are spoilers about many of the monsters in it and some dialog about the story in the clip. SPOILERS ARE IN CLIP!

It can be found here:


If someone knows how to embed the clip, please feel free to do so. Just be sure to place it lower on the page so it doesn't show up immediately so that those who want to remain "spoiler-free" can avoid the clip.



The clip can also been seen on YouTube here:

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Enhanced Podcast Features and Tandem With The Random

How do you listen to audio podcasts? Are you taking advantage of the features of the enhanced podcast format? In other words, accessing the chapters, embedded images and links? The reason I am asking is because all signs point to the fact that Apple is phasing this format out. Their latest Podcast app doesn't seem to support it. Oh, it will play fine, and it will still sound better than the plain mp3 version, but the aforementioned features are absent. Also their latest version of GarageBand has removed the tools to create those features for enhanced podcasts.

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Wallpapers for Chrismas Special!

BBC has released new wallpapers for the upcoming Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor". There are seven of them available and they are available in 4x3 and 16x9 format.


You can get them here!



Meanwhile, BBC America doesn't have the wallpapers - yet, but they do have new images from the upcoming Christmas special - five of them (and nothing spoilerish).

You can find them here:

Doctor Who: Podshock 287 - An Adventure in Space and Time and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Reviewed

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 287
Running Time: 1:31:38

Continuing our coverage of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we review An Adventure in Space and Time and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. Hosted by Louis Trapani and Dave Cooper.

DW Podshock 287 Cover

DW Podshock 287 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock 287 reviewing 'An Adventure in Space and Time' and 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot'

John Hurt's War Doctor Regeneration Scene Extended (SPOILERS) [VIDEO]

Possible SPOILER if you haven't seen 'The Day of the Doctor' yet (is that even a possibility now?). John Hurt's 'War Doctor' regeneration scene extended just a bit more... See the video below.

How do you rate An Adventure in Space and Time? (5=Fantastic)

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Total votes: 9

Doctor Who: Legacy Available Now Free in the iOS App Store

Doctor Who: Legacy

Tiny Rebel Games LLC has released their Doctor Who title for iOS, Doctor Who: Legacy. It is available free on the iOS App Store (though the game is free, it does have in-game purchase options (i.e. you can purchase "time crystals")). The app is an universal app designed for both iPhone (and iPod touch) and iPad and it requires iOS 6 or later (therefore it will not work on the original iPad).

The following is their description of the game:

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